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Megan & John: Family | Chataqua State Park. Boulder, CO

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I first met Megan and John right before we moved from Colorado to North Carolina. They booked me for a couples session and we met up in Fort Collins, about a week or two before we left the state. When I went back for a wedding in Colorado last month, I got to meet up with Megan and John while I was out there and catch up and see the newest addition to their family. It was so great to see Megan and John, super happy as new parents with their new Love Glow. I swear, their smiles were bigger this time around. I was also thrilled because Megan and John were willing to cater to my whims and venture up to the mountains (okay, foothills). Win-Win! I miss mountains living out here in the Piedmont of North Carolina and I have always wanted to explore the Flatirons. They were always so close, yet I never went. It was gorgeous and the light was just golden and spectacular! 

Bill & Christina: Wedding | Durham Arts Council and Parizade. Durham, NC

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Bill and Christina are those happy people that you always want to be around. They spend all their time laughing. It made me so excited to photograph their wedding. I knew that it would be the best time. I knew there would be all sorts of smiles and laughter that would fill the day. They did not disappoint.

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A huge THANK YOU to Katherine Miles-Jones for second shooting. 

The amazing vendors!

Wedding Planner: Amanda Scott, A Swanky Affair   //   Ceremony Venue: Durham Arts Council   //   Reception: Parizade   //   Officiant: Robin Renteria   //   Hair: Posh, the salon   //   Wood Shutter: Farm I Filigree   //   Linens: CE Rentals   //   Photo Booth: A Picture to Remember   //   Ceremony Music: Douglass Payne   //   Reception Music: Jim Unger, Ninety Nine Entertainment   //   Transportation: Carolina Livery   //   Florist: Flower Patch   

Stephanie & Matt: married | The Oaks at Salem. Apex, NC

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"Happiness in marriage is not something that just happens. A good marriage must be created. In the Art of Marriage, the little things are the big things. It is never being too old to hold hands. It is remembering to say 'I love you' at least once a day. It is never going to sleep angry." - Paul Newman's letter to his wife on their wedding day. 

Stephanie and Matt had all these great marriage quotes scattered throughout the tables and they are all so sweet and touching. I love them. It says so much, that the wedding is just a rite of passage and that the best part is being married. They made me so happy to read on the wedding day and made me so happy to read again while I was editing. 

This wedding was absolutely gorgeous. Every single thing about it. Especially the laughter and the joy. Thank you so much for having me!!! xoxoxoxo, b

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All the vendors: 
Venue: The Oaks at Salem   //   The BESTEST Officiant: Robin Renteria   //  Hair and Makeup: Makeup for your day   //   The amazing Florist: Tre Bella!!!!    //   The delicious cakes (The carrot cake was my favorite): Yellowbird Bakery   //   Catering: The Cook Shack   //   The totally badass Frank Meldau from Joe Bunn DJ Co

Dustin & Erin | New Sharon UMC & The Cookery. Durham, NC

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Family is important for Erin and Dustin. Family is what made this wedding extra special. 44 years ago, in 1971, Erin's parents walked down the very same aisle for their wedding (You'll see one of their wedding photos in this blog post. You'll know it when you see it.) Erin's grandfather has a special tree out back (we photographed them under it). We recreated a photo of Erin and Dustin running out of the church, with rose petals being tossed at them, just like her parent's photos. Besides that, it was just a wonderful day! There were giddy little flower girls, a group of ladies who were obviously long time great friends, huge smiles (Erin has the best smile ever!), lots of love, fabulous people and just beauty everywhere I turned. 

On to the photos.

You can see all of the images and order prints here

The AMAZING vendors. 
My favorite favorite wedding planner ever: Amanda Scott, A Swanky Affair   //   Ceremony Venue: New Sharon UMC in Hillsborough, NC   //   Officiant: Carl Belcher   //   Church Flowers: The Flower Patch   //   Pianist: Tim Smith   //   Violinist: Mary Garabedian   //   Hair: Carla Carden   //   Makeup: Seema Aziz   //   Florist: Bloomin Rose   //   Reception Venue: The Cookery   //   Chalkboard Calligraphy: MW Calligraphy   //   Caterer: Donovan's Dish   //   Cake: Publix   //   Photography: Rebecca Ames Photography   //   DJ: Damien Mass   //  Rentals: CE Rentals   //   Transportation: S&H Transportation   //   Plates: China Dolls

Dustin & Stephanie | North Caroline Museum of Natural Sciences. Raleigh, NC

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I met with Dustin and Stephanie at the Museum to discuss possibly shooting their wedding and we just clicked. We talked about all those things you only talk about after you've been friends with someone for awhile. We talked for something like, three hours. I laughed and laughed. They are a hysterical couple and I am so glad that I had this chance to get to know them and become instant friends. She's a talker too, so she balances out my instinct to just sit and listen. 

Dustin and Stephanie love science and dinosaurs and reptiles and animals of all kinds (especially Stephanie), so their wedding at the Museum of Natural Sciences fit them perfectly. Their officiant even talked about the size and scope of the universe and how there are just so many people on this beautiful planet that it is so amazing that they got to find one another at all. In all of this planet's time. It made me tear up, it was so touching. So, the theme of their wedding was in every single aspect of their wedding. You could see it in their new photo album, to their Jurassic flowers to the wedding location. This wedding was planned perfectly for them. 

Thank you so much for inviting me along. Love you guys.