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Cliff: lifestyle session | Pullen Park. Raleigh, NC

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I love this family. I met them a year ago when Alicia was still pregnant with this little man and wanting some birth photos. It was quite the evening. Anyways, we got together and I got to see how this guy has grown up over the last year. He's huge. He's happy. And those fat, fat feet (They even have a hard time trying to find shoes for those things). We hung out for a little bit at home, went to the park, rode the swings (which he enjoyed for the first time ever or he was just hamming it up for the camera. I'll pretend it's the latter), took a ride on the train, and went for a carousel ride. It was a great time, but it really wore the guy out. He had to take a nap.
Love you guys.


p.s. I really love the completely unposed lifestyle sessions. They are real. They scream out, this is who we truly are. We love the perfection of the imperfect. It sings.

Marisa & Michael: Married | The Henry Autograph Collection, Divine Child Church and The Henry Ford. Dearborn, Michigan

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I met Marisa through a couple of my clients turned friends, Alicia and Lysandra. I guess they said some nice things because Marisa shot me an email, we chatted and she invited me to her wedding up in Dearborn, Michigan. I was super duper excited because she sounded like the nicest person over the phone and super laid back.

I flew up from Raleigh to Detroit and coincidentally, Lysandra and her family were on my flight. Neat-o! It was great to have someone to chat with during layovers and fun to make goofy faces at her little one, Calvin, from across the aisle.

When I walked into the hotel, The Henry, Autograph Collection and met Marisa for the first time. It was like we were already friends. There was so much excitement and laughter in the room, it was fantastic. Then I saw her dress. WOW! Amazing. Then I met Michael. He is so sweet and I could totally see how they are such a great couple. He is so welcoming and such a happy guy.

They had the sweetest first look. Sweetest. Michael's face when he sees her. Totally melts my heart. The rest of the day was incredible, with awesome family and friends, a band that totally rocked and kept everyone dancing, a little girl with an amazing voice who sings during the ceremony and the reception, and just so much love and laughter.

Congratulations you two! I am so happy for you both! And thank you for having me!!!




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Venues   Getting Ready: The Henry, Autograph Collection //  Church: Divine Child Church  //  Reception: Lovett Hall at The Henry Ford //  Officiant: Father Ray Wodos  //  Hair: Mallory Wichman  //  Make-up: Geen Hanna  //  Florist: English Garden  //  Cake: Donna Doyle  //  Catering: Henry Ford Lovett Hall  // Music: The Jerry Ross Band

Birth Photography

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It's with a heavy heart that I say I am no longer going to be photographing births. I love them. I love the raw emotion. I love the joy and the true love. I love all of it. But, I've discovered that births and weddings just don't mix. I worry about missing a birth, I hate rescheduling brides. I feel like I am short changing everyone. Then, throw in little kids. Getting a babysitter on short notice is not easy.

So, where to go. Birth photography is important. I want you all to have those photographs that will mean so much throughout a lifetime. A story that your little one will want to hear over and over. I'd love to recommend a few other photographers in the area. First, Amanda of Manda's Memories and Bridget of The Birth Collective. Both are wonderful, talented, wonderful people and I vet them wholeheartedly. Go take a look.

Jamie and Vance: birth | Durham Regional Hospital

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Jamie had a rough week. Labor started on late Saturday night. She was having strong contractions, five minutes apart. It was obvious labor. Sunday morning, they were still going strong. Jamie labored at home for several hours. We headed over to the hospital that evening, but they said she was only at 5cm. Jamie headed home. Disappointed, but still going strong.

I headed back over on Thursday. Still in labor. Still having contractions. They hadn't slept much, neither of them. Jamie was exhausted but we were sure that today was the day. She labored at the hospital for another several hours. Labor was really intense. Baby just wouldn't descend. Jamie ended up having an epidural, a much needed nap and then a c-section (photos of the actual c-section and birth are courtesy of the fab doula, Andrea Dixon. I wasn't allowed in.). Misha was finally born. He was wonderful, beautiful, but had really low blood sugar. He had to go some extensive tests and went to the special care unit.

Best of Durham 2014 | Durham Magazine

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Okay, so I never win anything. Ever. No wait, once I won $5 in the lottery. It was pretty cool and I was super excited, then went and bought a latte. This is the first time ever that I really won something. It's super cool. Especially when you think that 5,000 votes were submitted to Durham Magazine and that there are like 1,000 photographers in Durham. No, seriously, there are almost 1,000 photographers (kinda crazy). So, I am super duper excited that I got Gold because the talent here is really amazing. So, thanks Durhamites for submitting my name and for getting me in there, amongst all sorts of cool places like Nana's, Bull City Burger, Duke Gardens, A Swanky Affair (who I always say is the very best in the area) and all those other places in Durham that make Durham one of the best places to live. I'm so jump up and down happy, kinda like Tom Cruise on Oprah Winfrey's couch (but hopefully not creepy like Tom Cruise on Oprah Winfrey's couch).


On the right: Over there next to the ad for Only Burger (who makes my favorite veggie burger in town) is where it says "Rebecca Ames Photography". You'll have to squint a little to see it. Squint more. There it is. Oh, it's too small on a computer screen. Go pick up a copy at your local Barnes & Noble or Whole Foods that way you can see all the other places that are awesome.