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Sara & Trevor: Engaged | American Tobacco Campus. Durham, NC

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A couple of months ago I was sitting at Guglhupf, chatting with a couple, and looked over and saw Sara. She was laughing and looked so very happy. I also noticed something very sparkly on her finger and really wanted to go over and say Congratulations!!!, but I didn't. I was in a meeting. Anyways, a few days later I got an email from Sara asking about an engagement session and I am so glad because these two are so awesome!!!

Macro photography | North Carolina Botanical Gardens. Chapel Hill, NC

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I spend 99.9% of my time photographing people, or wedding sentimental items and I realized that I've never really tried macro photography. Not really. Well, here's a go at it. I took the little ones to NCBG to give them a little photography lesson and I tried something new too. If you want a print for your own, head on over to the gallery. I think I'm going to make postcards out of a couple of them. I haven't decided which yet, if you have a favorite let me know. You may just get a note in the mail.

Meredith & Stephen: Wedding | The Cookery. Durham, NC

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Meredith and Stephen met singing in the Duke Choir, the Duke Vespers. They were friends for a long time. I am so glad that they decided to become a couple. They are so stinking cute together. I really really like them both. They are good people and incredibly fun to be around. So are their friends! Everybody was so nice and I want to just inject myself into their circles (Hi Christie!!) and invite myself over for dinner. Their wedding was the same way. I cried like a baby during the ceremony, when I wasn't laughing. The Vespers added to the mood, by singing during the ceremony. When the ceremony was all over, the Mint Julep Jazz Band kept the guests tearing it up on the dance floor (Thanks for twirling me around the dance floor Ben!). The Cookery, along with the swinging jazz and Meredith's dress really gave the wedding a very 1920's vintage feel. Very smokey, dark, jazz club. It reminded me of this bar I used to frequent in Big Sky, MT.  It was incredible. But the wedding still screamed out, Durham!!!! I love their details, including the North Carolina magnets, the peach jam, the musical horns, and the market lights. It was perfect.

Thanks to all the AMAZING vendors who made the day absolutely perfect. You rocked this wedding. Amanda Scott, at A Swanky Affair, made the day smooth and beautiful as always. I love her. Oh, and that cake was the best wedding cake I've ever had. YUM!!! It was a lemon cake. Not too sweet, just perfect. As were the chocolate covered strawberries, that's where you could find me once they were on the table.

p.s. I saw this article on the internet somewhere about animated gif's and thought I'd try it, what do you think?

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Getting Ready Location: The King's Daughters Inn   |   Wedding and Reception Venue: The Cookery  |  Wedding and Event Coordinator: Amanda Scott, A Swanky Affair  |  Catering: Durham Catering Co.  |  Ceremony Music: The Duke Vespers  |  Cake: Details Cake Design  |  Flowers: Ninth Street Flowers  |  Officiant: Rev. Meghan Feldmeyer  |  Rentals: American Party Rentals  |  Linens: CE Rentals  |  Bridal Party Hair: 140 Salon and Dry Bar

Chrissy & Sam: wedding | Prestonwood Country Club. Cary, NC

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I finally got to meet Chrissy and Sam about a week before their wedding. They are incredibly sweet. Chrissy's a teacher, and she kinda embodies that whole sweet school teacher persona. Sam's in the Army, so Chrissy planned this wedding all on her own. She did such a spectacular job. It was laid back, yet elegant. Just wonderful. Their laughter and joy totally shined through.

Now, for a side story. While you are looking through these photos, right before the reception starts you have to imagine me setting up my lights, to get ready for the big party. I had one little light set up next to the DJ and I was starting to set up my second light, an Alien Bee over in the corner. My light stand is a little stiff. I'm not supposed to oil it, it's just... tight. Anyways, so I'm pulling and I'm pulling and out falls this little insert to tighten the thing, and instantly the legs just slide out all super fast and I hit myself in the jaw with the pointy end of my stand. Right where the light screws in. It stung something awful, but it was also time for the introductions. I was shaken. I'd never been hit before. So, I shot the introductions and this is where I admit for ten minutes or so, not all the shots were perfect, and I missed a shot or two (Sorry Sam and Chrissy! Please forgive me), I was seeing stars. I couldn't think right. Yikes! I kept catching myself making mistakes. But the wedding went on and I kept shooting (looking ridiculous and drawing serious attention to myself). Luckily, I was able to get my head back and get back to work. I was also lucky that there were so many doctors there to help take care of me (Thanks Kit!). I did ice it (thanks bartenders) and took some Tylenol.
Update for all the wonderful, caring people at the wedding who tried to help me out. You are awesome!!! I really appreciate all the support and just the looks of sheer pain when you saw my battle wound. Not being able to really see it, it was nice to know that it looked as bad as it felt (no, seriously) and that I wasn't just being all sensitive about it. By they next day, it did swell up all huge and I had people looking at me funny for almost two weeks! Just so you know, the doc agreed that I did give myself a nice little chip on the jawline. It's much better now, it just feels funny, like a the edge of a chipped teacup. But it didn't hurt too much and I did strut around pretending that I was tougher than I really am.

Katey & Matt: family | at home. Cary, NC

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It's wonderful when you get to see old clients/friends after a couple of years, to see where there lives together have taken them, to see them still just as happy as on their wedding day. It's incredible. It makes me feel as though I truly have the best job ever. That's how this session was. I haven't seen Katey and Matt since their wedding at The Umstead Hotel two years ago and it was just delightful to chat them up once again. And to meet this sweet little girl. She's perfect!