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I met Lysandra about a year ago and have been lucky enough to get to call her a friend now. When she had her sweet little boy, she decided that she was going to start her own clothing line. She has so much talent, such a great eye, and I am so thrilled that the fashion world gets to take part in her artistry. She's started out with a line skirts, scarves and clutches. Just wonderful. Here are some of the shots for her lookbook.

You can see her clothes at

Location: The Golden Belt
Models: Alicia and Kenya //  All clothes designed or put together by Lysandra Weber 

Anna & Abe: Wedding | Pleasant Green Community Church and Community Center. Durham, NC

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You can see all of the images and order prints here.

Wedding & Event Planner: Amanda Scott, A Swanky Affair  //  Officiant: Rev. Jesse Brunson  //  Make-up: Mary at Jewelsmith  //  Hair: MK at Jewelsmith  //  Venue: Pleasant Green Community Center  //  Band: Drymill Band  //  Florist: Tre Bella Flowers  //  Catering: Parizade  //  Cake: Details Cake Design  //  Rentals: Party Reflections  //  Fabric: Party Tables  //  Lighting: Total Productions 

Special Thanks to Carolyn Stotts for second shooting.


Styled Shoot & Style Me Pretty | Merrimon Wynne House. Raleigh, NC

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I was so incredibly thrilled when I was invited to photograph this styled shoot at the Merrimon-Wynne House in Raleigh. It's a new wedding venue, and Jodi did the best job making this house incredible. I got to work so many wedding vendors on this project. I really loved all the beautiful calligraphy and stationary from Gabi and Alison from One & Only . All of the work was just gorgeous and perfect. Their attention to detail is artistic and meticulous. I love their colors and style. Also, Anna from from Simply Elegant Floral Designs. Oh my goodness, from now on, seeing what she did when left to her own devices. It was totally inspiring. I wish this were always the case. Gorgeousness everywhere.

This photo shoot was especially fun because I don't normally get to photograph a "wedding" at such a slow pace and have such freedom (read: time). It was really incredible. I also really loved having some input into the styling. I didn't say much, but everyone really allowed me free reign which was super cool.

This styled shoot also got featured on Style Me Pretty's Little Black Book. You can see that post here.

Aaron & Susannah: engaged | Eno River. Durham, NC

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Luckily, Aaron and Susannah are friends of friends/clients and found me, because if they hadn't, I'd have two less friends right now and that would be sad. I got to tag along on their proposal last month. It's a bit hard to tell the story properly without making it just look like a series of random photos all around Durham and Chapel Hill. Aaron sent Susannah out on a scavenger hunt, that took her to all sorts of incredible places that are meaningful to them both, all the while I was following Susannah and trying my best to not be seen. It worked for awhile. First, she went to Trader Joe's where she picked up some flowers (I hid behind the onions) and a bottle of wine, then to ACME in Chapel Hill where they had a beautiful breakfast (I had a delicious baked french toast. Thanks Aaron!) and looked like they had a great time (I hid behind the wall in the back, getting in the way of waitstaff, and went across the street, getting in the way of cars.), then we went to the Rock Quarry on the Eno (where I hid in a little divet along the trail), then to Nasher where Susannah had to look for her next clue in the gift shop (I hid in the employee locker room), then Susannah went to the main desk (when I hid behind two security guards, where she finally saw the lens pointed right at her between their shoulders! BLOWN! I even got the shot where she saw me), then finally to Parizade (where there was just nowhere to hide at all).

Now that they are properly engaged, we can take some photos. For their engagement session, we went back to the Eno (but a different spot). This time at the Cole Mill trailhead with the suspension bridge. It was super fun because they are hysterical, kept me laughing, and I got to play in the water with them. It was also the best because they are super adventurous and wanted to get wet! And the water was only a little cold but they were great sports.

Thank you to all the amazing peeps and businesses who made the proposal just incredible.

Aaron and Susannah! I am so glad that you found me (thanks Jordan and Mindy!!!!), that we get to be friends, that I get to photograph your wedding and for just being awesome!

You can see the rest of the images and order prints here.