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My wedding photography nightmare

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My wedding photography nightmare isn't really my own. It was my sister-in-law's. She was young at the time. 19. And her fiance was 18. I was still new to wedding photography. I had shot one wedding, for free and as someone's second. K, my sister-in-law was paying for her wedding herself, and I volunteered to shoot it for free. I just wanted to build up my portfolio and I thought it would help her out. She accepted then one month later she fired me. She said she found some kid from school to do it for $500 and she said his work was beautiful while mine was... well, not. She really stressed that point too. So, I had planned on just having a good time. I dressed up. Hell, I even wore garters/heels, the whole bit. I showed up with my camera, but only because my little girls were flower girls. I needed photos of them. When I showed up to the getting ready part, her hired photographer hadn't showed up yet. He was more than an hour late and everyone was trying to reach him, in a panic. K came up to me. She said that I needed to take the pictures. Okay. Sure. The ceremony time had started to get close. It had been raining and the coordinators there pushed it back, so they could dry the chairs. He still wasn't there. I took the bridal portraits, since we had nothing else to do. But only because she was humoring me. He finally showed, with 45 seconds to spare. K said I could go now. Thanks.

The ceremony started and he followed her down the aisle. He wasn't out there before hand. He shot the ceremony with his 4.1 mp camera and beat up, scratched lenses. The ceremony was lovely. After the kisses were made and the vows spoken, I stood around with the bride's side while they photographed the groom's side. They took four pictures, when his only battery died, in his only camera. He just split. So, I wandered over to the open bar. I started to sit down at the table with my girls. I was ready to enjoy myself. Then she comes up, and said, that I need to take pictures again. What? Seriously? I'm ready to enjoy myself, what happened to the photographer? Apparently he went home to charge his batteries. So, I did the group photo. I took the reception shots, everything. I photographed my kids dancing with family members. And then the cake cutting. He said they needed to cut the top. She said they needed to cut the bottom. They argued. They yelled. She stormed out of the reception hall. I got passive aggressive and shot it anyways. Mistake? yes.

Afterwards, I gave her the discs. I left out the cake cutting, for obvious reasons. She asked where they were. I said that I had a camera malfunction. She got pissed. She accused me of holding her pictures hostage. Of just being a bitch. She stopped talking to me. She told my MIL. She got pissed. Then my hubby defended me. Then, none of us spoke for 1 1/2 years. It was a nightmare. All because some kid's battery died. Because he wasn't responsible. Because he did not take the wedding seriously. They never did get any photos from him, but he did take their money.

Now, I don't feel good about any of this. I don't feel like I helped out at all and none of use look back on those photos with good memories. They are just evidence of bitterness came from such a horrible day.