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Thanks, Eric and Caitlin. You're the best and one of my all time favorite clients. You are the best couple. I love you both.Oh, and you're wedding was so much fun to shoot, all the details were amazing.

“I recommend Rebecca Ames Photography to anyone looking for a top-notch and affordable wedding photographer. Becci shot my wedding last year and the pictures came out perfectly. Really? Five out of five stars perfectly? Yes. Here is why: Quality of service: The variety and quality of pictures is unbelievable for the time we had her on site. I am not sure how she shot so many great pictures in the time allotted, but she's definitely got a feel for the moment and will maximize return on investment within the window of service. People think you need to pay an arm and a leg to get "real" quality wedding photos, but that is baloney. We checked out a long list of photographers and no one could come close in price or quality of work. She is the best deal. Responsiveness: Becci was very good about keeping in touch beforehand and we were never in doubt she would be prompt and respectful of our time constraints. Afterward, she went above and beyond in helping us organize our pictures (there were SO many) and get them into the formats we wanted, etc. Professionalism: Becci was able to maintain a light mood while keeping the time management ticking like a metronome. We had an ambitious slate of post-ceremony photo combinations (big families) and she got through them with ease and humor. Five stars, if nothing else, for being able to corral our crazy families. Value: As I mentioned above, we simply could not find a better deal. We looked. A lot. No way. Flexibility: Becci let the wife and me rattle off ideas for post-ceremony photos on the spot and was happy to do what we wanted, but she also provided countless great ideas of her own on how to capture the beauty and versatility of the outdoor wedding site. Before the ceremony she got tons of GREAT shots of the bride getting ready, but I cannot stress enough how natural and subtle of an approach she took here, just kind of behind the scenes. And at the reception she really did a great job managing the scope of our party, getting awesome shots of friends and family (and us!) despite the large number of guests. Again, you certainly won't find a better wedding photographer for the price, and will probably have a hard time finding one period.” Eric Feezell

Eric is a gifted writer and he is wicked funny. His speech at the wedding almost made me pee my pants. I was laughing so hard. You can check out his non-review writing at He often writes for McSweeney's and for the Onion. I'd say he is the funny one on the staff, but I'm probably a bit biased. Except for the one headline that I don't know who wrote, "Kevin Bacon linked to Al Qaeda". That makes me laugh out loud every time I think it, even when it's not appropriate.

You can see their 1/10th of their wedding in the gallery.