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Day Hike

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The book entitled "Kids hiking in Colorado" said this would be a nice 2.1 mile loop with a gentle climb. They lied. I would hardly call this a good hike for kids. It was probably 2.1 miles but we ascended then descended, there was no flat ground. Now, you probably don't know this, because I fake it pretty well, but I've got a pretty solid fear of heights. But, it's not an irrational fear. It comes from my inability to stay on my feet. I'm clumsy. I've fallen a few times and have caused a good amount of damage to myself. This was a rocky, steep trail with loose ground. Me and little Omi had a hard time keeping up. Apparently, Emily and Greg are better on their feet than us. But, on the upside. It was pretty with loads of wild flowers to photograph. That part was loads of fun. I told my husband that, one day, when we go to Yosemite. He can take Emily with him to go and climb Half Dome. I'll stay back and work on some art projects and cook dinner.