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Heather & Sean: the e-session

couplesbecci ames2 Comments

I have really scored, this season, with super in love couples. I have also really scored with couples I really like as people. These two are super fun, really nice and I would totally dig just sitting on their couch and listening to them laugh with each other. They both have such great sense of humors. I've got at least 50 photos of them laughing. So, I totally scored when these two asked me to shoot their reception. No, I know. Not wedding. They are going off somewhere pretty to do the nuptuals and coming back here for the party. It should be loads of fun.

This turned out to be a super sexy engagement session. I blame Sean. It's just the way he looks at Heather. Perfect. I can't blame him though. She's beautiful.

It probably made it sexier because it was raining.

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