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Out of the office

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To my two blog readers: (Hi mom and dad!) We're on the road again. It's time to take off for our family vacation. I will be answering emails, periodically. Sporadically and only if the mood fits. I will not be answering my phone. At all. Not once. Until I get back, of course. If you would like to schedule a shoot for after my return, please send an email. I have a couple of openings for the last week of August and September.

Oh, and there will be, like, a gazillion pictures on the blog very soon. So many so, that you will be planning your own trip to Yellowstone/Grand Tetons/Glacier National Park in two weeks. I've also downloaded the Wordpress app for my phone, so I'm sure you will get to see a few bad photos taken with the iphone 3g. I hate that camera, but now I can zoom. But unfortunately the zoom feature only crappifies the photo.