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We meant to leave for our annual family vacation yesterday. We are headed for Yellowstone, the Grand Tetons and Glacier National Park. We've been planning this for weeks. It's hard to find time for vacation between my husband and I, especially during wedding season. So yesterday when I woke up sick I thought it was just lousy timing. I thought, oh well, I'll just call the doctor and get some antibiotics and I'll be fine. We can still go. I got the antibiotics and we kept packing, kept cleaning, kept telling the kids that we were still heading out later. Then my husband went out to the car to pack more gear in and what should happen? The lock on the Yakima box, on top of the car, breaks. We can't get into our stuff. The tents, the sleeping bags, luckily not my camera. Okay, we think that this won't stop us. We'll just find a locksmith, they'll come bore out the lock and we'll go to REI and pick up a Thule box (notice not another Yakima box). So he calls all the locksmiths in town with after hours phone numbers to come help us. No one answers. Not one locksmith. I tried to convince my dear husband to take an axe to the box, but he wouldn't do it. What else could possibly go wrong?

Honestly, if I were a more superstitious person, I would say that fate is against us and does not want us to go on vacation.

P.S. Pop-a-Lock (a Fort Collins Locksmith) offers free emergency car door unlocking if your child is locked in the car. Next time I lock my keys in the car, I'll make sure to tell one of my kids to stay inside.