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I heart cameras (digital vs. film).

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Me (sometime early in the 1980's) on Polaroid.

Every once in a while, I miss film. I have so many fond memories, from my high school years, of working in the dark room. I miss cocking the film. I miss the sound of the shutter. I miss the smell of the darkroom. I miss the texture of the negative. I miss watching the picture just magically appear on the paper. And sometimes when I talk about missing film and wax all nostalgic, I even get on the B&H Photo website and start perusing the 35 mm slr camera, or worse, the large format camera section (where the camera's get really spendy).

But nothing beats digital. I love being able to fire off tens shots without having to cock the film to the next frame. I love the instant gratification. I love being able to process them on my computer and being able to control the color so easily. I love that there aren't any harsh chemicals involved that dry out my hands. Truly, I had a love-hate relationship with the smell, I only love it when I'm waxing all nostalgic. I love telling my clients that "I never show my pictures before they are done, but just this one time I will- because they look so beautiful.". I love being able to edit a picture and make it perfect, just the way I want. I love that when I am waxing nostalgic, I can add a little film grain and when I am not the picture is all clean, crisp and smooth. I love that I can go shoot a wedding and take 1600 photographs and not have to use 45 rolls of film. Where would I put it all?

At the end of the day. I love digital. I love my camera. It is perfect.

What do you think? What do you prefer?