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Dennis, Bailey and the interns of Happy Heart Farm

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When Bailey asked me to come out and take some photos of her, her hubby and the interns, I was so thrilled. Everyone there is so nice and so much fun, they did not disappoint in front of the camera. They were just as fun to photograph as they are to talk to.Delicious Food. They often have food tasting on distribution day. That makes going to pick up your veggies even more fun. The picture on the left is some curried eggplant. Yum! The super friendly staff.

These are the interns. Feel free to click on this to see it big.

Dennis, Bailey and the interns.

This can't be a bad place to work, if this is the portrait you take with your boss.

And of course, the Heart of Happy Heart Farm.

For more information on Happy Heart Farm, check out their website. They do good things, including feeding the cash strapped families of Fort Collins and produce some of the yummiest organic veg this side of the Rocky Mountains.

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