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Surprise! Heather and Sean get married.

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Heather and Sean told everybody that they were just having a wedding reception. That they were going to get married before, somewhere pretty, sometime soon. All of it very non-descript. Heather is a horrible liar. People were starting to suspect. But, people arrived and it very much looked like a reception. It just seemed like a regular back yard shindig, with some great music, good food and a few kegs. The party was already getting started.

(On a side note: To my readers, This is one long post. Leave me a comment if you are still enjoying the photos when you reach the bottom.)

The beach mats make great weapons.

All the while, Heather was hiding in the bedroom getting ready. Looking downright gorgeous and statuesque in her gown.

People were starting to relax. Their suspicions going away. But, then these guys came out and it got pretty obvious.

Wait a minute. That looks like an aisle, like there is going to be a wedding!

He tried to claim that he wasn't getting all teary eyed. But, we know the truth. How could you not cry? I know I did.

I imagine that this is the serious talk that can only take place at the bar. Something about life lessons and how to have a long married life.

Bailey, the dog, dressed up for the wedding.

and, here are the friends and the family. All the people who are dear to Heather and Sean.

Dear Heather and Sean, Thank you so much for inviting me to your wedding. I am so honored. It was beautiful. It was perfect. I wish you both all the best. You are wonderful people. Oh, and I hope you love your photographs as much as I do.

Love, Rebecca

and Thanks to Rebecca Aycock for coming along and second shooting for me. You rock!

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