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This is Teddy. He is cute, perfect and tiny. He is even easy, which is something that I didn't get to appreciate with my little ones. I first got to meet him last week, during Omi's soccer game and almost immediately offered to take his photographs (Teddy belongs to my husband's advisor).

So, funny story. My sweet husband likes to brags about my baking. He tells everyone how everything I make is delicious. He goes a little overboard. Every once in awhile Greg's boss likes to throw a party so my husband says that we would like to bring something of mine. So, I make a lemon poppyseed pound cake. It should have been delicious. I don't know where I messed up. The thing was like a brick and it weighed three pounds. It was the worst thing to ever come out of my kitchen, but of course, I didn't realize until we were eating it. Everybody grinned and ate it and complimented it, but me and the hubby took one bite and we were so DONE eating. They even said it was delicious. How polite of them....

So, after I had offered to take Teddy's pictures I remembered this cake. And I immediately got nervous. I haven't taken any newborn pictures, in like, two years. I try to tell myself it will be fine and I get online to look at other photographer's work. Of course, all my fave's that I had bookmarked mostly work with adults. So, to Google I go. All I find are these photos of babies stuffed into baskets or wrapped really tight in cheesecloth. It all seemed so contrived and even a bit creepy (sorry, if anybody out there really loves those, just my personal taste). I didn't find any that I like, except for five images by my photographer hero, Natalie Norton. Here are mine, I hope that they actually like them- but I'll never know. They said they liked that God awful cake.

I don't think that Colleen actually planned on being in the photos, but too bad. They were just so beautiful together.

baby ears. cute.

and tiny little fists.

little toes.

You can see the rest of the pictures and order prints here.