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Birth Story

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The birth of a baby is by far the most momentous occasion in any person's life. For the parents, it is Earth moving.  The one thing that bothers me about my own children's births is that I don't have a record of it all. There are things that I have forgotten. A few of them even kind of mesh together into this drug induced haze. How did that happen? They were the most pivotal moments in my life, how could I not remember each moment is vivid detail? If only I had had some photographs to keep each and every second alive in my mind. This is the one thing I regret. This is the one thing that my children would love to look at. Daily. To go along with the oral stories of their birth.

I would like to start shooting birth stories. In case you don't know what that is, I'll explain. You invite me to come along to the miraculous birth of your baby. I am (quietly) with you during the labor pains, the actual birth and your first few moments together.

I've never shot one and I want to. Desperately. I will give one birth story away. If you are pregnant and delivering in Fort Collins, please click the contact button, give me a ring and we can meet (as many times as you like even). I know many women will have apprehensions about being photographed when they don't feel anywhere close to beautiful, I know how intimate of a situation this is but when you look back on it, when the babies aren't babies anymore, I promise those pictures will be more precious than any other possession you will ever own.