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the south

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So, I couldn't quite figure out what I liked about this region. I knew I liked the trees, the birds, the humidity. But, there was this feeling, while I was outside that I couldn't quite place and I've figured it out. When I am outside and it's hot and humid and I have this sticky layer of sweat and dirt on me, I notice a bit of a smile and just a little bit of joy. So, what I've figured out is this layer of sweat and dirt is what I associate with childhood freedom. Not the freedom of MY childhood, but the one I idealized from the movies. The one's where it's summer and the kids are running free and their parents have no idea where they are and they off fishing or swimming in some pond somewhere trying to escape the heat, but mostly- just being kids. I've really enjoyed taking the kids out and letting them run free and you only catch a glimpse of their dresses from between the trees every once in a while and all you hear is squealing. Last night, we went to a friends farm, I looked through the kitchen window, and I saw a couple of black roosters running by, then a dog, then my little girls chasing them all. It was perfect, just for one moment. All was right in the world.