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My Family | Wrightsville Beach. Wilmington, NC

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In case you didn't know. I'm originally from California. We lived really close to the beach. My dad had a place in La Jolla, a neighborhood in San Diego, and my mom lived in Newport Beach. I spent all my time playing in the ocean or the pool. I was a fish. There was something so calming being in the water. My own little cocoon. I was even on the swim team at school (Go CdMhs!). When we lived in Colorado, I loved the mountains but they were just not the same. So here it is, my very first trip to the Atlantic Ocean.It was a perfect day. The weather was warm, but not too hot. The water temp was perfect. I am completely in love with how the East Coast has fences on their beaches. There are seashells everywhere, which the girlies loved. We even ate at the best chinese food, that I've had outside of California, at the China Garden. It was cheap and they served it to us on styrofoam plates and plastic forks, which was kinda wank, but it was fantastic. I ended up using chopsticks because that was way easier, but I am pretty damn proficient with chopsticks, being half Chinese and all.