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American Tobacco

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Burt's BeesI discovered the American Tobacco District, completely by accident, and on the 4th of July. I fell in love instantly. It's what sold me on this city. I liked the old brick buildings. The lines. The texture. The feel. So, here I am back where I was a little more than a month ago to show you what it is that I think is perfect about Durham.Burt's Bees is in town, that means the products that I have been using for years are now a local product for me. In Colorado, KUNC at 91.5 was our local PBS station. Here it's WUNC at 91.5. I like this, does it make me a total dork? Probably, but I'm going with it. Lucky Strikes.I don't know who this guy is, he just looked like a man on a mission..... And I liked his hair. Full moon at Lucky Strikes.