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Jenna loves Mike: The Rehearsal Dinner | Snow Mountain Ranch, Winter Park, CO

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I left Durham, NC just a day before Hurricane Irene was scheduled to take the coast. I was apprehensive to go. I wasn't too into the idea of leaving my sweet family behind, not knowing what was coming since we were expected to be in her path. I was flying from Raleigh to Atlanta, when the pilot said, "If you'll look to your left, you will see Hurricane Irene". The plane shifted when everyone jumped out of their seats. It was by far the most amazing thing I had ever seen.I called Home Saturday morning to hear of the disappointment of getting no more than a sprinkle and a slight breeze. I was able to relax and just enjoy shooting Jenna and Mike's rehearsal dinner.It's not often that a bride and groom make me feel so welcome. Everybody welcomed me with open arms. It was fabulous. Then I saw how much everybody seemed to love everyone. The father of the groom, speaking to his son and new daughter didn't leave a dry eye in the room. I choked up. Then came the party and after party party and I was sure that Mike and Jenna were trying to make sure that I had the best time ever at a wedding. I love these two. They are the sweetest, most wonderful couple.

Also, the best speech from the father of the groom. It got me all teary eyed. Thank you Herb, for sending me this...

"I want to thank everyone for coming today; I know many of you have traveled a very long distance to be here with us. We really appreciate having you all here today. Several of you have been helping with setup and I want to express our appreciation for all you’ve done to help us with this wedding. Dave and Judy – I want to thank you for all the time and resources you are putting into this wedding to make it the wonderful celebration that it is. And more than anything, we want to thank you for bringing Jenna into the world. Jenna, when Amber & I first met you we were so impressed with how warm and comfortable you seemed around us, and how welcome you made us feel. When we’re around you it’s hard to believe that we’ve known you for such a short time. You are kind hearted and you truly have a gift. We welcome you into our family, and we look forward to many good times ahead. Michael, you’ve truly been a blessing in our lives from the day you came to us. You make us proud in so many ways I won’t even try to list them. We’re just so happy for you that you found this wonderful young lady to love and share the rest of your life with. To us you are one of life’s biggest rewards. The both of you have connected our two families. This last week we have been doing what families do. We’ve been making memories; memories that will make us laugh for years to come. I think you two have the formula for a successful marriage. You’re both very bright people with common interests and goals, you support each other, you challenge each other to excel, and treat each other with respect. You have one more very important ingredient. I think BOTH of you have really awesome in-laws! And what more could a young couple ask for? We all live well over a thousand miles away! And so, Michael and Jenna, my toast to you: May you both live long, happy, healthy, and prosperous lives together, and may you continue to grow closer each day. We love you both! Congratulations!"

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Watch This! It'll give you a chuckle. These boys felt as though they weren't quite dressed their best.

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