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This is why people have children

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This is all verbatim, spelling errors and all, from my sweet Omi's letter to me last night.

"Love Omi

Dear: Mom

I Love you verry merry Much. you are A nice perent. I Likx it when you give me food. is is nice. you are nice. I LiKe it wen you tack Me to the parck. I LiKe it wen you hug Me and KiSS Me. I LiKe wen you tucK Me in, that's nice.

I Like wen you give Me Love. thanK you for those. Ther is More oK. I like it wen you by Me stuf. I think you and DaD pickt the rite Dog. I liKe it wen you tack us to the Store. I LiKe the fonicher (furniture), that I rilly do. Thank you very much. you are very verry nice. I LiKe that your qite (quiet). thank you for biying me stuf. I Love you MoM. thank you for everythig. thank you so Much for every thing. I think you pict the rite school. love omi."

Okay, this totally erases all those sleepless nights, all the crying, the vomiting, the having to find a babysitter right now frustration, all the messes, drawing on the walls, the having to pay for her future college and braces. This letter is why people have children. Somewhere in between all those long days, those moments of impatience, there are hugs, kisses, sleepy babies being carried from the car to the bed, the speech impediments and letters just like this, out of the blue, when you are tired and don't want to be cooking dinner and she says, "thank you. for everything.". Then you say, being a mommy is the best thing in the whole wide world. Thank you for everything.

Omi. Age 6, Oct 20, 2011.