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I heart my puppy

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Bodhi has gotten big over the last few months. Huge. He's over 50 pounds now and a big huge chicken. He's a dog with phobias. We're trying to work on them.

Today, I went scoping out locations for couple sessions. I thought this would be a good way to give the dog a walk, so I brought him with me. First, he's scared of the car. He has been since we brought him home from the pound. He cried the whole way. Today, he pulled himself out of his collar and made a break for it as soon as he realized we were headed for the car. Me neighbor helped me catch him. Then we went to Brightleaf Square. I wandered into shops, but didn't stay long because I could hear him whimpering outside. When I walked back out, it was as if he hadn't seen me in months... and I had rescued him from a gulag. Then we headed over to Old West Durham. I went in and out of shops, again looking for a good spot for sessions. He cowered in the street, he crawled, he had his tail between his legs every time a motorcycle or a loud car went by. So we went over to the pet store and I did my best to spoil him, with cow tails, rawhide, and pig feet. He jumped into the car (first time ever!!!), he was so excited to go home. He needed love, so we cuddled, he got pet, and he got his portrait taken, because that is how I love.

I love you dog.