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Prints, Packaging and Gallery Wraps

becci amesComment

Today, I'd like to go into prints, packaging and gallery wraps. For larger prints, 11x14 and above. I have the prints dry  mounted on to 1/4" foam board. Not only does it feel great in your hands, but it make's the print sturdier and oh, so much easier to display, frame, or anything and increases the life of the print. They are archival quality and will last generations. I also like to box them up all nice, into my own handmade boutique-y packaging. When it show up at your door, it's like Chistmas!!! Here's another close up of the mounting. Then, I've just discovered the glory that are Gallery Wraps. I've seen them in stores and other photographer's studios but never made the jump. They are spectacular! This canvas has been stretched over a 1.5 inch wood frame. The quality is amazing. This one here is 16x24 and hanging on my office wall.