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Kristin + Matt, part ii: Engaged! | Raleigh, NC

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It's not often I have two separate engagement sessions for one couple. You may recognize Kristin and Matt from this session at the Shakori Hills Grassroots Festival. Kristin and Matt are just fabulous, sweet, creative people and I was so thrilled to work with them again. I especially loved that they introduced me to parts of Raleigh I had never been to and probably never would have found on my own. Oh, and for being total troopers and willing to do anything that I suggested, because I wanted to get all super creative. Thanks K+M, you are the best. I hope you love these! Kristin's nail polish matches the door. I thought that was too awesome not to point out.

I normally never ever shoot from below, but I loved the circles and kinda thought, maybe.... it would be cute. Turns out I love it.I'm throwing in some photos of the neighborhood, because it's my blog and I wanna. I thought all of these were cool.We found this art gallery that had been Yarn Bombed. Yes, all that is crocheted. While I was adjusting exposure, Matt started just picking flowers for Kristin. Because of this, I've decided he will make a great husband.Every time I look away for a moment, they start kissing too. They are just too cute!

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