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Ted and Delys | Reynolda Gardens. Winston-Salem, NC

couplesbecci ames2 Comments

Ted and Delys wanted to have their engagement session at Reynolda Gardens in Winston-Salem, NC. Ted grew up there and had so many happy memories at this very place growing up. I love locations that mean something to the couple, instead of just somewhere pretty. So I headed on out. Winston-Salem is gorgeous. Then I got to meet Ted and Delys. They are ridiculously cute. I imagine these two having picnics in bed on Saturday mornings with piles of banana pancakes. When they are all done eating, I imagine them jumping on the bed seeing who can jump the highest. And laughing. laughing. laughing. and kissing. kissing. kissing. Then I imagine they go to the fair and eat cotton candy. All my imaginings may be completely off, but it's only because they are so perfectly in love it's hard not to smile just to see them together. I loved hanging out with them for their session and smiled the whole way home. I cannot wait for their wedding in September.

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