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Anna & Joe at home: First Anniversary

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Anna and Joe were my first muses in North Carolina. She contacted me about shooting her wedding back when I still lived in Colorado. She sounded so incredibly nice on the phone and I was so excited to get here and meet them both. Anna and Joe had to pick our location for the engagement session because I had only been here a month and had no idea where I was and then I showed up at Brightleaf Square and there was this adorable couple and they were so IN LOVE and just as wonderful as I imagined and I liked them instantly. Then their wedding came along and it was gorgeous and there was just so much love and joy and all the things that I love about weddings (and I really felt like Anna and I had become friends). And now here we are. Anna and Joe are still ridiculously cute and still very much in love and they have a kitty and their first home and are celebrating their first anniversary and I got to be there for that tooooooooo! And so I went over and just hung out and documented this moment in their life.

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