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Lysandra + Adam: Birth Story | UNC Hospital. Chapel Hill, NC

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When I showed up at the hospital at around 11am, Lysandra was laughing at one of Adam's jokes. She was laboring beautifully. She casually picked her lunch. She would joke some more. I joked that the baby was going to look at its birth album one day and say that mom couldn't complain about labor since she was smiling the whole time. Then the hours went on and on and on. It was getting rough and Lysandra wasn't getting a reprieve. Adam was amazing as a daddy doula and Liz Oldham, of Creating Your Calm, was so calming and wonderful, that the rough day went by as easy as it could have. The contractions weren't letting her rest at all and she wasn't moving along. She was exhausted.

At 7am it turned out that this little baby was going to have to come out and not in the way that Lysandra had hoped. It was to be a c-section. I'm just glad that mom and baby are alright though. That in the end, there is a new, beautiful family and that they are all blissfully happy.  

p.s. This is officially the longest I've been at a birth- 27 hours! Whew!! But it was worth every single moment and I have declared myself an aunt!!! This little baby boy is going to have me as a part of his life. So, yay for me!!! 


Special thanks to Liz Oldham, Creating Your Calm and to The Midwives at UNC.  

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