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Laura + Robert: engaged | American Tobacco Campus and Downtown Durham, NC

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Laura and Robert are getting married next year in Raleigh, at JC Raulston Arboretum with their reception at The Stockroom. With their wedding in Raleigh they decided to have their engagement session in Durham. A really important place for Laura. We walked around American Tobacco, which just screams out Durham! I got super excited for Laura and Robert's wedding before we even met. In one of our first emails, Laura shared her Pinterest board with me, and it wasn't one of those pinterest boards with cheese-y portraits, it was all style. I love Laura's style. She is so classically elegant with a vintage flair.

For a change of pace and because Laura went through and marked all her favorites!!!!! within hours of me uploading her gallery I am mostly blogging her favorite photos here today. It turns out most of her favorites are my favorites too!