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Shooting with Beth Ely Photography: Wedding | Haywood Hall. Raleigh, NC

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Beth Ely, of Beth Ely Photography, put together a four person team to photograph/videograph Leslie and Thomas' classic southern wedding. Beth and Carolyn Stotts did the videography while Bridget Mcenaney and I did the still photography. I stayed with the bride and Bridget hung out with the guys. It was great because I was working with friends (we are all members of this fun little photography group).

I am so thrilled that I got to come along, the wedding was gorgeous, the couple is sweet and everything was perfect. Haywood Hall, built in 1799, is this amazing house that makes you feel like you are traveling through time. It is the oldest house within the city of Raleigh built by John Haywood, the city's mayor. Everything from the windows, to what looks like servants quarters and furniture looks original, it has little quirks too. In one of the bedrooms there is a sink and an elevator?!? I love the history and the decor. It's the historical buildings like these that make me really love North Carolina.

The couple met as children, the groom being her brother's best friend when they were 10. Then it grew into love for these two.

On to the photos...