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travel: photography wish list #1 | destination wedding photographer

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I am starting a photography wish list! These are all things that I, obviously, want to photograph. Because these things are on my wish list and not on yours and I am going to be giving discounted rates for what I want most of all.

Have camera, will travel.

I love love love to travel. I've been all over the US and parts of Canada and Mexico. I've visited a great number of the National Parks. I have seen all sorts of beauty. But, I have never been to Western Europe. It is one of my dreams to venture out and see Italian Villages, the Mediterranean Sea, Rome, Paris, London, the Alps, Madrid, all these cities that have just been seen in art, photos and films. 

Italian village

Italian village

To the FIRST couple who invites me to come to any city, Western Europe and allows me to photograph their wedding. I will give you an amazing discount!!! Just travel fee (airfare plus three nights in a hotel) plus $500. That's it. I will run off half way around the world, photograph your wedding. Nine hours, a high res disc, online proofing, and web ready files.
To anyone who refers a couple who invites me to Western Europe. I will give you a two hour session of your choosing along with a high res disc free of charge.