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Press Books

becci amesComment

I got these beautiful books in the mail today and thought I'd take a few quick snapshots before I sent them out the door. I love the torn pages on magazine paper and the flush mount pages as well. Just beautiful! Thanks Loktah!

Print your photos! There is nothing better than being able to look at them, feel them, see them. Photographs weren't meant to be seen on a computer screen. There they are forgotten. Books and albums let you relive your favorite photos of your big day as if it were a story.

Birth Session Books are even designed to be a picture book. I make sure that on each page there is enough space to write in messages for the baby, to tell what was happening at the moment, and for little love notes so that the little peanut will never forget how important those few moments were to you. This book is timeless and all the little details and feelings can be written down while they are fresh. Those fleeting thoughts and glances make for an incredibly important day!!!!

Best part about these. They are eco-friendly! They are made out of recycled papers and put together with wind power!


If you order a press book by March 25th at 11:00 pm, I'll discount your press book by 50%. Contact me for details (These beautiful 8x8- 26 page books are normally $360, $180 after the discount!)