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New store and album sale!

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I just thought I'd let all y'all know that I've made a little store over on the website. That's where you will find all the little things (besides prints, because those are over in "client proofing") that will help you keep those memories fresh! I think the best part is that you can see the album options so plainly. There's no more trying to remember and consider all the options, they are right there for you to examine and consider. And there are just so many options when it comes to albums. Soft bound, hard bound, flush mount, leather, linen, paper, eco-friendly, magazine pages, hinged pages, and the list just goes on and I can see why so many brides can just look overwhelmed. So go. Take a look. If you are so inclined, I'm even offering a little SALE to celebrate the little store. 25% off of al albums! As you are looking, remember all the great images you have just sitting all lonesome on your hard drive longing to be looked at, wishing to be cherished in your hands. Those photographs miss you! You have one week to make your purchase. July 24th-July 31st.