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Jordan + Mindy = Riley. Birth Story | Chapel Hill, NC

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When Mindy emailed me asking me to photograph her birth I was so thrilled and then when I saw the signature on her email and realized that she was part of JAM Photography, I was so intimidated. Jordan and Mindy are a super talented husband-wife photography team and their work is fantastic. I love it. Especially their work at home. It's so heartwarming. You should go take a look. Anyways, I'm getting side tacked. Then I met them and I liked them instantly. Jordan is crazy funny and had me laughing the entire time and Mindy is so sweet and calm that I loved just being around her. So, I'm especially honored that I got to be there to photograph the birth of their first baby. It meant so much that they chose me. :)
So, as I got to the hospital I could just feel the love in the room. It was tangible. Jordan and Mindy are one of those couples that you can see how in love they are just by a simple little glance and that gives me all sorts of warm fuzzies. And just like that, with them only being at the hospital for a mere one hour, this little boy was born. And he is perfect. Perfect. And Squishy. I'm kinda smitten.

Thanks to UNC Women's Hospital, the fantastic midwife, Susan, and Heather, the awesome doula.

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