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Riley: SIX days old at home | Chapel Hill, NC

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I love love love squishy little babies. I love rubbing their cheeks on my cheeks. I love their smell and I love every single little movement they make. Seriously. So I was thrilled when I got to go out to Jordan and Mindy's house to photograph little man and see all the love and to spend more time with this wonderful family. I really have come to love all of them and I feel like Riley just became a part of my little family. Jordan and Mindy are some of the nicest people I've met and just love chatting with them (but I'm going to admit here that it's totally intimidating photographing other really talented photographers- just saying).

Jordan and Mindy are falling into their role's as new parents fabulously and it was so adorable to see them all just so happy. It was all the more emotional and touching because I got to see little Riley come into this world, you can see that post here.

Congratulations to you both. You make beautiful babies. 

I wish the three of you the very best and I am just so ridiculously happy for you.



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