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Selfies in the fog | at home. Durham, NC

personalbecci ames2 Comments

This morning, I sat in front of my large dining room window and sipped my coffee while reading the news on my ipad. It was wonderful and one of the headlines read Heavy Fog to linger until 10am. Fog! I literally just turned my head to the left a little and I was like, Whoa! FOG! Seriously, how did I not notice that?? And of course I thought about taking my kids outside to take some early morning photos of them but they were getting ready to go to school. So then I put a shout out on Facebook looking for a muse and offering a free mini session if anyone was willing to go out within the hour (You should follow me on facebook if you don't, if only because sometimes I just need a muse). Of course no one could because it's a Wednesday morning and people have lives and jobs and all that other stuff. But I was desperate. I wanted to shoot in the romantic, other wordly fog. So after I got my kids to school I washed my hair and tried to make myself appear presentable. I didn't try hard. It wasn't near as foggy as it was at 8am....