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Second shooting: Caroline Lima Photography | Charleston, SC

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I had the great pleasure of getting to second shoot for the incredibly talented Caroline Lima, of Caroline Lima Photography last month. You should go look at her beautiful new website if you haven't seen it yet. This weekend was wonderful. I love working with her, not only do I have the best time with my dear friend but I always learn a little something new. We got to explore the city a little, eat some fantastic food, photograph this great wedding and talk and talk and talk.

This one was especially exciting because it was my first Indian wedding. Indian culture is near and dear to my heart. My mother and her family lived there as children. My mother was born in Kunming and moved all over Asia as a child. They went from China to India to Thailand to Burma. In 1970 my mom moved here and met my father in Hawaii where they fell in love. They eventually moved to San Diego where they had me. They split when I was little and so I grew up in a Chinese home where all these cultures from my mother's childhood was practiced and enjoyed (especially the food).