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Valentine's Day Baby: Birth Story | Womens Birth and Wellness Clinic

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Wednesday was the Snopocalypse part two, here in the South. Roads were crazy and icy and there was still loads of abandoned cars on the road when I got the first text from Jess saying that this might be it. Luckily the temperatures warmed up a bit by the time she headed to the clinic. It was a warm 37 degrees and the roads were pretty clear.

Labor did stall a little at 5cm and we went for a walk around the University Mall hoping to get it going again. Sure enough, it worked. Labor was fantastic and Jess handled it like a total rockstar. She was cracking jokes all the way till 8cm. I really like Jess.

Heather came along and acted as super doula and was just wonderful to be around. I really like her and was glad that she was there because the conversation was fantastic. Jess probably loved that she was so comforting and helpful. Eric was super awesome and so supportive. He was fantastic and even rocked some skin to skin contact with baby boy! Go DAD!

It was also Valentines Day and labor was here, and this baby insures that they will never have a romantic date on V-Day ever again.

The photographer in me's p.s. These photos span 11:30 am to 11:30 pm. I'm only saying this because the light is awesome!

Location: Women's Birth & Wellness Center. Chapel Hill, NC

Doula: Heather Clements

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