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Jamie and Vance: birth | Durham Regional Hospital

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Jamie had a rough week. Labor started on late Saturday night. She was having strong contractions, five minutes apart. It was obvious labor. Sunday morning, they were still going strong. Jamie labored at home for several hours. We headed over to the hospital that evening, but they said she was only at 5cm. Jamie headed home. Disappointed, but still going strong.

I headed back over on Thursday. Still in labor. Still having contractions. They hadn't slept much, neither of them. Jamie was exhausted but we were sure that today was the day. She labored at the hospital for another several hours. Labor was really intense. Baby just wouldn't descend. Jamie ended up having an epidural, a much needed nap and then a c-section (photos of the actual c-section and birth are courtesy of the fab doula, Andrea Dixon. I wasn't allowed in.). Misha was finally born. He was wonderful, beautiful, but had really low blood sugar. He had to go some extensive tests and went to the special care unit.