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Cliff: lifestyle session | Pullen Park. Raleigh, NC

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I love this family. I met them a year ago when Alicia was still pregnant with this little man and wanting some birth photos. It was quite the evening. Anyways, we got together and I got to see how this guy has grown up over the last year. He's huge. He's happy. And those fat, fat feet (They even have a hard time trying to find shoes for those things). We hung out for a little bit at home, went to the park, rode the swings (which he enjoyed for the first time ever or he was just hamming it up for the camera. I'll pretend it's the latter), took a ride on the train, and went for a carousel ride. It was a great time, but it really wore the guy out. He had to take a nap.
Love you guys.


p.s. I really love the completely unposed lifestyle sessions. They are real. They scream out, this is who we truly are. We love the perfection of the imperfect. It sings.