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Chrissy & Sam: wedding | Prestonwood Country Club. Cary, NC

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I finally got to meet Chrissy and Sam about a week before their wedding. They are incredibly sweet. Chrissy's a teacher, and she kinda embodies that whole sweet school teacher persona. Sam's in the Army, so Chrissy planned this wedding all on her own. She did such a spectacular job. It was laid back, yet elegant. Just wonderful. Their laughter and joy totally shined through.

Now, for a side story. While you are looking through these photos, right before the reception starts you have to imagine me setting up my lights, to get ready for the big party. I had one little light set up next to the DJ and I was starting to set up my second light, an Alien Bee over in the corner. My light stand is a little stiff. I'm not supposed to oil it, it's just... tight. Anyways, so I'm pulling and I'm pulling and out falls this little insert to tighten the thing, and instantly the legs just slide out all super fast and I hit myself in the jaw with the pointy end of my stand. Right where the light screws in. It stung something awful, but it was also time for the introductions. I was shaken. I'd never been hit before. So, I shot the introductions and this is where I admit for ten minutes or so, not all the shots were perfect, and I missed a shot or two (Sorry Sam and Chrissy! Please forgive me), I was seeing stars. I couldn't think right. Yikes! I kept catching myself making mistakes. But the wedding went on and I kept shooting (looking ridiculous and drawing serious attention to myself). Luckily, I was able to get my head back and get back to work. I was also lucky that there were so many doctors there to help take care of me (Thanks Kit!). I did ice it (thanks bartenders) and took some Tylenol.
Update for all the wonderful, caring people at the wedding who tried to help me out. You are awesome!!! I really appreciate all the support and just the looks of sheer pain when you saw my battle wound. Not being able to really see it, it was nice to know that it looked as bad as it felt (no, seriously) and that I wasn't just being all sensitive about it. By they next day, it did swell up all huge and I had people looking at me funny for almost two weeks! Just so you know, the doc agreed that I did give myself a nice little chip on the jawline. It's much better now, it just feels funny, like a the edge of a chipped teacup. But it didn't hurt too much and I did strut around pretending that I was tougher than I really am.