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Dustin & Stephanie | North Caroline Museum of Natural Sciences. Raleigh, NC

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I met with Dustin and Stephanie at the Museum to discuss possibly shooting their wedding and we just clicked. We talked about all those things you only talk about after you've been friends with someone for awhile. We talked for something like, three hours. I laughed and laughed. They are a hysterical couple and I am so glad that I had this chance to get to know them and become instant friends. She's a talker too, so she balances out my instinct to just sit and listen. 

Dustin and Stephanie love science and dinosaurs and reptiles and animals of all kinds (especially Stephanie), so their wedding at the Museum of Natural Sciences fit them perfectly. Their officiant even talked about the size and scope of the universe and how there are just so many people on this beautiful planet that it is so amazing that they got to find one another at all. In all of this planet's time. It made me tear up, it was so touching. So, the theme of their wedding was in every single aspect of their wedding. You could see it in their new photo album, to their Jurassic flowers to the wedding location. This wedding was planned perfectly for them. 

Thank you so much for inviting me along. Love you guys.