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Megan & John: Family | Chataqua State Park. Boulder, CO

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I first met Megan and John right before we moved from Colorado to North Carolina. They booked me for a couples session and we met up in Fort Collins, about a week or two before we left the state. When I went back for a wedding in Colorado last month, I got to meet up with Megan and John while I was out there and catch up and see the newest addition to their family. It was so great to see Megan and John, super happy as new parents with their new Love Glow. I swear, their smiles were bigger this time around. I was also thrilled because Megan and John were willing to cater to my whims and venture up to the mountains (okay, foothills). Win-Win! I miss mountains living out here in the Piedmont of North Carolina and I have always wanted to explore the Flatirons. They were always so close, yet I never went. It was gorgeous and the light was just golden and spectacular!