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I moved!!!!! | The Parlour at Manns Chapel. Chapel Hill, North Carolina

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You guys. I daydream. A lot! I daydream about lots of things, traveling the world, living on a boat in the Mediterranean, eating everything I love all the time, having a pet cat (except I am allergic to cats), winning the lottery, my kids keeping their room clean and having a little office/studio space all of my own. Well, the last one has happened!!! Yesterday was the best day because I got to move into my own office in the best location. I am now working inside my own little office inside The Parlour at Manns Chapel, in Chapel Hill!!! It's adorable and I share the building with the owners of this wonderful wedding venue, Yvette and Aimee, Krystal Kast Photographers (my dear, wonderful friend) and Kast Events (Cheryl-Anne is just an amazing wedding planner)! I feel like we are all going to be great friends in no time at all because they are all the kindest, sweetest people, and I am just over joyed with my new space. OVERJOYED!!! It's beautiful! I especially cannot wait for some bits of furniture to arrive to give it that finished feel. I had this moment of total elation when I turned off the lights and locked my door yesterday. It was such a good feeling.

I am going to be doing all my edits here as well as all my future meetings and consults! No more coffeehouses!!! I am so thrilled about every single bit of this news! Feel free to come join me and chat. I'll be here Monday through Friday from 8:20 to 2:15. Just pop in and say HELLO!!!

The only downside: I cannot stay in yoga pants all day.

Macro photography | North Carolina Botanical Gardens. Chapel Hill, NC

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I spend 99.9% of my time photographing people, or wedding sentimental items and I realized that I've never really tried macro photography. Not really. Well, here's a go at it. I took the little ones to NCBG to give them a little photography lesson and I tried something new too. If you want a print for your own, head on over to the gallery. I think I'm going to make postcards out of a couple of them. I haven't decided which yet, if you have a favorite let me know. You may just get a note in the mail.