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Haley & Evan: Wedding | Duke Gardens and Parizade. Durham, North Carolina

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The amazing vendors
Wedding Venue: Duke Gardens   //   Reception Venue: Parizade   //   Officiant: Austin Pennington   //   Videographer: Wil Davis, Mechanical Eye Films   //   Hair and Makeup: Moshi Moshi   //   Florist: Whole Foods and the Durham Farmer's Market   //   Bakery: Mad Hatter Cafe and Guglhupf   //   Reception Music: Straight Up Jazz

The Shamps: A day in the life | Chapel Hill, North Carolina

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I LOVE this family. I got to meet them when Mindy was still pregnant with Riley and we have done a whole lotta sessions together now, starting with his birth! I'm even going back next month for Riley's second birthday. They are some of my favorite people in the whole world and I'm so glad that I get to call them friends now. I also love this kid! I think since I was there from the very beginning, it's like he's one of my own. He even loves me too! He calls me "Be-beee" and gives me the very best hugs! 

So, this session. This is a day in the life. Nothing is posed. I told them to do absolutely nothing. I just hung out and took photos. They are imperfect, but that's what makes them perfect. This is them just hanging out and spending their day the way they normally spend their day. Mommy swam some laps, daddy got mommy flowers (making him look like the best husband to the photographer), daddy went to work (we even visited daddy at the office", lunch, naps, playing with toys, reading books, all the usual stuff. 

Oh, and I've got to say a couple more things about this family and just give them a shameless plug. Jordan and Mindy are also really fantastic photographers. Before Riley was born they were the owners/photographers of JAM Photography and I'm sad that the world lost the pleasure of booking them for their family sessions. They are super talented, way more than me, and I keep getting blown away that they keep having me come over and take their photos. Also, Jordan is the co-founder of a social network/journaling app called Noteables. You should check it out, create an account, think about how it would be super awesome for your school/workplace/etc. and then talk to Jordan and set that up. 

Dustin & Stephanie | North Caroline Museum of Natural Sciences. Raleigh, NC

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I met with Dustin and Stephanie at the Museum to discuss possibly shooting their wedding and we just clicked. We talked about all those things you only talk about after you've been friends with someone for awhile. We talked for something like, three hours. I laughed and laughed. They are a hysterical couple and I am so glad that I had this chance to get to know them and become instant friends. She's a talker too, so she balances out my instinct to just sit and listen. 

Dustin and Stephanie love science and dinosaurs and reptiles and animals of all kinds (especially Stephanie), so their wedding at the Museum of Natural Sciences fit them perfectly. Their officiant even talked about the size and scope of the universe and how there are just so many people on this beautiful planet that it is so amazing that they got to find one another at all. In all of this planet's time. It made me tear up, it was so touching. So, the theme of their wedding was in every single aspect of their wedding. You could see it in their new photo album, to their Jurassic flowers to the wedding location. This wedding was planned perfectly for them. 

Thank you so much for inviting me along. Love you guys.

Alison & Braxton: Married! | The Stockroom and Mahler Gallery | Raleigh, NC

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Alison and Braxton are so incredibly sweet. I was so thrilled that I got to witness these two wonderful people get married!


Rebecca Dunn, at La Fete, did an absolutely amazing job with this wedding. Every detail is gorgeous. I hope I came close to capturing how inspiring it was. The photo above is of Alison stunned and in awe of her reception venue.

Dear Alison and Braxton,

Congratulations!!!! I am so happy for you both! Thank you so much for inviting me to your wedding. I am so honored I got to document this day for you.



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Wedding Planner: Rebecca Dunn at La Fete

Venue: The Stockroom and Mahler Gallery

Delicious Food: Rocky Top Catering

Officiant: Peter Rodriguez

Florist: Katie Dunn, La Fete

Cake: Sugarland Bakery

DJ: DJ Kristen Stoneman, N The Mix Events


Abigail & David: Married! | Duke Chapel and Nasher Art Museum. Durham, NC

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  I love how Abby and David brought family photos to the wedding. Wonderful. Also, David's mother made these amazing homemade candies as gifts for everyone.

Wedding mad libs. Hysterical.

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Venue: Duke Chapel and Nasher Art Museum. Both are a part of Duke University, here in Durham, NC.

Wedding Planner: A Swanky Affair

Officiant: Rev. Feldmeyer

DJ: McSound Productions

Photography: Rebecca Ames Photography along with Bridget Mcenaney as an associate photographer

Hair and make-up: Garden Salon

Catering: Sage & Swift

Dessert: Daisy Cakes

Florist: Tre Bella


Anna & Joe at home: First Anniversary

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Anna and Joe were my first muses in North Carolina. She contacted me about shooting her wedding back when I still lived in Colorado. She sounded so incredibly nice on the phone and I was so excited to get here and meet them both. Anna and Joe had to pick our location for the engagement session because I had only been here a month and had no idea where I was and then I showed up at Brightleaf Square and there was this adorable couple and they were so IN LOVE and just as wonderful as I imagined and I liked them instantly. Then their wedding came along and it was gorgeous and there was just so much love and joy and all the things that I love about weddings (and I really felt like Anna and I had become friends). And now here we are. Anna and Joe are still ridiculously cute and still very much in love and they have a kitty and their first home and are celebrating their first anniversary and I got to be there for that tooooooooo! And so I went over and just hung out and documented this moment in their life.

You can see the rest of the images and order prints here.