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Elka & Brian: Birth | Wake Med Hospital. Raleigh, North Carolina

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I got the text at 4:45 on Saturday, that Elka's water broke. That she was on her way to the hospital. Do you know where I was? I was checking out the light for the wedding ceremony that was about to happen in one hour. In one hour. I frantically started texting. Texting. Texting other photographers. Jessica was my first choice and she answered right away. I was so happy. She was making dinner with her family. I pleaded a little. But, she went. She did so good. She did so so so GOOD. I am so thrilled that we got to work together on this project. Here are hers, mine are at the end, after she kissed her baby for the first time.

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Jamie and Vance: birth | Durham Regional Hospital

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Jamie had a rough week. Labor started on late Saturday night. She was having strong contractions, five minutes apart. It was obvious labor. Sunday morning, they were still going strong. Jamie labored at home for several hours. We headed over to the hospital that evening, but they said she was only at 5cm. Jamie headed home. Disappointed, but still going strong.

I headed back over on Thursday. Still in labor. Still having contractions. They hadn't slept much, neither of them. Jamie was exhausted but we were sure that today was the day. She labored at the hospital for another several hours. Labor was really intense. Baby just wouldn't descend. Jamie ended up having an epidural, a much needed nap and then a c-section (photos of the actual c-section and birth are courtesy of the fab doula, Andrea Dixon. I wasn't allowed in.). Misha was finally born. He was wonderful, beautiful, but had really low blood sugar. He had to go some extensive tests and went to the special care unit.

Valentine's Day Baby: Birth Story | Womens Birth and Wellness Clinic

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Wednesday was the Snopocalypse part two, here in the South. Roads were crazy and icy and there was still loads of abandoned cars on the road when I got the first text from Jess saying that this might be it. Luckily the temperatures warmed up a bit by the time she headed to the clinic. It was a warm 37 degrees and the roads were pretty clear.

Labor did stall a little at 5cm and we went for a walk around the University Mall hoping to get it going again. Sure enough, it worked. Labor was fantastic and Jess handled it like a total rockstar. She was cracking jokes all the way till 8cm. I really like Jess.

Heather came along and acted as super doula and was just wonderful to be around. I really like her and was glad that she was there because the conversation was fantastic. Jess probably loved that she was so comforting and helpful. Eric was super awesome and so supportive. He was fantastic and even rocked some skin to skin contact with baby boy! Go DAD!

It was also Valentines Day and labor was here, and this baby insures that they will never have a romantic date on V-Day ever again.

The photographer in me's p.s. These photos span 11:30 am to 11:30 pm. I'm only saying this because the light is awesome!

Location: Women's Birth & Wellness Center. Chapel Hill, NC

Doula: Heather Clements

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Heather & Robby: Birth Story | Burlington, NC

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Heather gave me a calm phone call at 4'ish in the morning last week. She sounded so relaxed I thought no way this is it, but her other children's labor only lasted for an hour and a half max so I headed out the door and over to their place to see this little wee babe enter the world. Heather  and Robby planned a home birth, with their two little ones in attendance and gramma helping out.

I walked in shortly after Nancy (the midwife) and her assistant, Belinda. Heather was 5cm dilated and feeling pretty good but this labor was very different from her other labors. This one was slow moving and Heather was enjoying it. Her and Robby went for some walks, played cards, cuddled with the children and just laughed and talked.

Little guy finally made an appearance after about 17 hours of labor, at 5:18pm. It was beautiful.

Lysandra + Adam: Birth Story | UNC Hospital. Chapel Hill, NC

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When I showed up at the hospital at around 11am, Lysandra was laughing at one of Adam's jokes. She was laboring beautifully. She casually picked her lunch. She would joke some more. I joked that the baby was going to look at its birth album one day and say that mom couldn't complain about labor since she was smiling the whole time. Then the hours went on and on and on. It was getting rough and Lysandra wasn't getting a reprieve. Adam was amazing as a daddy doula and Liz Oldham, of Creating Your Calm, was so calming and wonderful, that the rough day went by as easy as it could have. The contractions weren't letting her rest at all and she wasn't moving along. She was exhausted.

At 7am it turned out that this little baby was going to have to come out and not in the way that Lysandra had hoped. It was to be a c-section. I'm just glad that mom and baby are alright though. That in the end, there is a new, beautiful family and that they are all blissfully happy.  

p.s. This is officially the longest I've been at a birth- 27 hours! Whew!! But it was worth every single moment and I have declared myself an aunt!!! This little baby boy is going to have me as a part of his life. So, yay for me!!! 


Special thanks to Liz Oldham, Creating Your Calm and to The Midwives at UNC.  

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Alicia + Eric = Cliff: Birth | Chapel Hill, NC

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Alicia and Eric texted me at 2'ish am to let me know that things were moving along. I was so so so excited to see a baby be born and so I took a quick shower and got ready to head to UNC Hospital to see the couple. Luckily, this time I made it there before the soon-to-be parents. I got to photograph them coming through the door with her sweet hubby and Liz Oldham, doula extraordinaire at Creating Your Calm, helping Alicia into the hospital. The rest was a whirlwind of love and anticipation. Excitement and pure joy.

Congratulations you three! 

Part TWO: Clif's newborn session coming soon. 

Location: UNC Women's Hospital in Chapel Hill, NC. // Birthing assistance: The midwives at UNC and Elizabeth Oldham, Creating Your Calm.  

***Special note: Liz is amazing, if you are looking for a doula go check her out.

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Jordan + Mindy = Riley. Birth Story | Chapel Hill, NC

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When Mindy emailed me asking me to photograph her birth I was so thrilled and then when I saw the signature on her email and realized that she was part of JAM Photography, I was so intimidated. Jordan and Mindy are a super talented husband-wife photography team and their work is fantastic. I love it. Especially their work at home. It's so heartwarming. You should go take a look. Anyways, I'm getting side tacked. Then I met them and I liked them instantly. Jordan is crazy funny and had me laughing the entire time and Mindy is so sweet and calm that I loved just being around her. So, I'm especially honored that I got to be there to photograph the birth of their first baby. It meant so much that they chose me. :)
So, as I got to the hospital I could just feel the love in the room. It was tangible. Jordan and Mindy are one of those couples that you can see how in love they are just by a simple little glance and that gives me all sorts of warm fuzzies. And just like that, with them only being at the hospital for a mere one hour, this little boy was born. And he is perfect. Perfect. And Squishy. I'm kinda smitten.

Thanks to UNC Women's Hospital, the fantastic midwife, Susan, and Heather, the awesome doula.

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Lincoln: five days old | newborn session

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I was so thrilled that I also got to go out and photograph little Lincoln's newborn session. I was just so happy to get to see this family that had just grown, who were so in love and so blissfully happy. The love in this house is overwhelming.

I was especially thrilled that I got to go out there because I got to photograph this little one's birth and so he will always have a special place in my heart. Oh, and I got newborn baby snuggles. I love newborns.

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Hello World! | Birth Photography

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Yesterday I got a text message that said, "I'm 6cm dialated and checked-in at the hospital". I've never moved so fast in my life. I ran out the door hoping I didn't forget something vital. When I got there, I felt as if I just walked in on the most intimate moment ever. The soon to be daddy was bent over the soon to be mommy, rubbing her back and giving her kisses. He played with her hair. He told her he loved her. Nurses and midwives came and went and all were amazing, comforting. Then the birth of new life! It was one of the most moving moments in my entire life, getting to see the love. The joy. The work. And that first cry. It was like music. So here they are.  

Thank you oh so, so, so very much for allowing me to come to your son's birth. It was an experience I will treasure always. I hope you love your photographs (memories) as much as I do.



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