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Heather & Robby: Birth Story | Burlington, NC

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Heather gave me a calm phone call at 4'ish in the morning last week. She sounded so relaxed I thought no way this is it, but her other children's labor only lasted for an hour and a half max so I headed out the door and over to their place to see this little wee babe enter the world. Heather  and Robby planned a home birth, with their two little ones in attendance and gramma helping out.

I walked in shortly after Nancy (the midwife) and her assistant, Belinda. Heather was 5cm dilated and feeling pretty good but this labor was very different from her other labors. This one was slow moving and Heather was enjoying it. Her and Robby went for some walks, played cards, cuddled with the children and just laughed and talked.

Little guy finally made an appearance after about 17 hours of labor, at 5:18pm. It was beautiful.