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Shamps: Day in the Life | at home. Wilmington, North Carolina

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I've been with this family since the birth of this little boy (whom I totally adore and kinda feel like he's one of mine). It makes me incredibly happy that I've gotten to document their lives and our growing friendship over the years. They are just such good people and I love witnessing all their love and joy. Here is our almost, completely unposed, day in the life session.

p.s. the peeing shot is my favorite. You'll see why with a couple scrolls of the mouse.

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The Shamps: A day in the life | Chapel Hill, North Carolina

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I LOVE this family. I got to meet them when Mindy was still pregnant with Riley and we have done a whole lotta sessions together now, starting with his birth! I'm even going back next month for Riley's second birthday. They are some of my favorite people in the whole world and I'm so glad that I get to call them friends now. I also love this kid! I think since I was there from the very beginning, it's like he's one of my own. He even loves me too! He calls me "Be-beee" and gives me the very best hugs! 

So, this session. This is a day in the life. Nothing is posed. I told them to do absolutely nothing. I just hung out and took photos. They are imperfect, but that's what makes them perfect. This is them just hanging out and spending their day the way they normally spend their day. Mommy swam some laps, daddy got mommy flowers (making him look like the best husband to the photographer), daddy went to work (we even visited daddy at the office", lunch, naps, playing with toys, reading books, all the usual stuff. 

Oh, and I've got to say a couple more things about this family and just give them a shameless plug. Jordan and Mindy are also really fantastic photographers. Before Riley was born they were the owners/photographers of JAM Photography and I'm sad that the world lost the pleasure of booking them for their family sessions. They are super talented, way more than me, and I keep getting blown away that they keep having me come over and take their photos. Also, Jordan is the co-founder of a social network/journaling app called Noteables. You should check it out, create an account, think about how it would be super awesome for your school/workplace/etc. and then talk to Jordan and set that up. 

Cliff: lifestyle session | Pullen Park. Raleigh, NC

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I love this family. I met them a year ago when Alicia was still pregnant with this little man and wanting some birth photos. It was quite the evening. Anyways, we got together and I got to see how this guy has grown up over the last year. He's huge. He's happy. And those fat, fat feet (They even have a hard time trying to find shoes for those things). We hung out for a little bit at home, went to the park, rode the swings (which he enjoyed for the first time ever or he was just hamming it up for the camera. I'll pretend it's the latter), took a ride on the train, and went for a carousel ride. It was a great time, but it really wore the guy out. He had to take a nap.
Love you guys.


p.s. I really love the completely unposed lifestyle sessions. They are real. They scream out, this is who we truly are. We love the perfection of the imperfect. It sings.

Jordan, Mindy and Riley: A lifestyle session at home | Chapel Hill, NC

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Jordan and Mindy. I really really like these people. I met them both about two years ago to chat about photographing the birth of their baby. It went really well. We chatted for a long time and I got to be there for such a special day. We had a newborn session after little burrito baby was born and I went over and took some more photos of Riley and spent some more time with them. That's when I decided that they were special. Not only are they incredibly talented, they are the J and the M in JAM Photography (I love their work and cannot wait to have my family in front of their camera when they come out of hibernation), but they are just good people. Whenever I get the pleasure of meeting up with them, I get to hear about how life is awesome, how the world is incredible and all the neat things that they are up to. Jordan and Mindy are the people who are not only fun to hang out with but who are also trying to make the world a better place. I've told you how Jordan and Mindy make the world prettier with their photographs but Jordan also helped create a website called Noteables (And I'm quite proud that one of my friends did something so cool). It's a social network and a journal. It's brilliant. He also runs a facebook page called Love beats Hate that tells you about everything wonderful and great going on in the world right now. See. Good people.

So, I was thrilled that I got to go over to their place yet again and photograph their family. I was even more thrilled when Mindy said she wanted something a little more lifestyle-ish. It's much more like a 'day in the life' than a portrait session. I never get to shoot like this and have been really wanting to, so the photojournalist in me was jumping up and down. I knocked on their door shortly after I dropped my kids off at school and was thrilled to find them still in their pajamas.

Nothing was posed. I did not tell them to do one single thing. Not one. They just did what they normally do. Just be all cute and funny and interesting and sweet. They cuddled with the little guy, he spit up on them, they hung out all cozy, he tasted some slippers, we went to Fresh Market, I got to cuddle with the little guy, they made me an awesome lunch (an avocado egg salad sandwich. yum!), we went for a walk, played at the park, and just talked and talked and talked.

So, I was there for six hours took a ton of photos and delivered about 370 images. I tried to whiddle it down to a smaller number, but then realized....why? Go big or go home, right? I love love love this session. Love.

And their baby is so ridiculously cute!!! I love his fat thighs and his mini-pompadour. I consider him one of my wee little ones, only because I was one of the ones who saw him first.

Oh, and I'm also in love with their cat. It's fat and fluffy.

p.s. In the middle of the photos, you'll see little Riley asleep on the bed with a little stuffed raccoon next to him, keeping him company. This raccoon's name is George Cooney. Yes, Mindy is a genius. Who doesn't love George?