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Rebecca & Scott: Wedding | Duke Gardens and Parizade. Durham, NC

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I don't know if you know, but basketball at Duke is huge. The students will spend months living in tents outside of Cameron Arena, in K-ville to get tickets to the Duke-UNC game. This is where Rebecca and Scott fell in love.

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The amazing Vendors!!

Getting Ready: Washington Duke Inn  //  Ceremony venue: Duke Gardens // Reception venue: Parizade  //  Officiant: Robin Renteria  //  Florist: Ninth Street Flowers  // Cake: Guglhupf // Catering: Parizade 

Shooting with Beth Ely Photography: Wedding | Haywood Hall. Raleigh, NC

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Beth Ely, of Beth Ely Photography, put together a four person team to photograph/videograph Leslie and Thomas' classic southern wedding. Beth and Carolyn Stotts did the videography while Bridget Mcenaney and I did the still photography. I stayed with the bride and Bridget hung out with the guys. It was great because I was working with friends (we are all members of this fun little photography group).

I am so thrilled that I got to come along, the wedding was gorgeous, the couple is sweet and everything was perfect. Haywood Hall, built in 1799, is this amazing house that makes you feel like you are traveling through time. It is the oldest house within the city of Raleigh built by John Haywood, the city's mayor. Everything from the windows, to what looks like servants quarters and furniture looks original, it has little quirks too. In one of the bedrooms there is a sink and an elevator?!? I love the history and the decor. It's the historical buildings like these that make me really love North Carolina.

The couple met as children, the groom being her brother's best friend when they were 10. Then it grew into love for these two.

On to the photos...

wedding dresses: photography wish list #2 | destination wedding photographer

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I am starting a photography wish list! These are all things that I, obviously, want to photograph. Because these things are on my wish list and not on yours and I am going to be giving discounted rates for what I want most of all.

I love a vintage style. I love soft, flowy, romantic dresses. They make my heart go all aflutter and make me giddy like a school girl. So I have created a Pinterest board with my favorite dresses. These dresses make me want to jump into weddings and make my camera insanely happy.

If you choose one of these dresses as your gown-to-be, well give me a shout and tell me in the contact form and I'll give you 10% off your entire photography package.

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Caroline + Jared: Wedding | The Carriage House. Chapel Hill, NC

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Caroline and Jared are a wonderful, wonderful couple. I am so lucky that they chose me to photograph their wedding, not only because it was gorgeous and totally all vintage, rustic, pretty but because I really just loved being around them. Every time we got a chance to talk I laughed so hard.  

So their love story is one of whirlwind romance, love at first sight and pure joy.  

Disclaimer: I am not a videographer. In fact, I tell people all the time that I am terrible with video and I only figured out how to even do video on my camera about 10seconds before I hit record. But, I think this part of the wedding had to be recorded. So, enjoy. 

Thank you so much to Amanda Brendle for second shooting.

Venue: The Carriage House //  Music: friends and a kick ass ipod playlist // Hair: Friends // Details: The Bride and her mother, Robin Mullis //

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Alison & Braxton: Married! | The Stockroom and Mahler Gallery | Raleigh, NC

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Alison and Braxton are so incredibly sweet. I was so thrilled that I got to witness these two wonderful people get married!


Rebecca Dunn, at La Fete, did an absolutely amazing job with this wedding. Every detail is gorgeous. I hope I came close to capturing how inspiring it was. The photo above is of Alison stunned and in awe of her reception venue.

Dear Alison and Braxton,

Congratulations!!!! I am so happy for you both! Thank you so much for inviting me to your wedding. I am so honored I got to document this day for you.



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Wedding Planner: Rebecca Dunn at La Fete

Venue: The Stockroom and Mahler Gallery

Delicious Food: Rocky Top Catering

Officiant: Peter Rodriguez

Florist: Katie Dunn, La Fete

Cake: Sugarland Bakery

DJ: DJ Kristen Stoneman, N The Mix Events