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Joel & Danielle: Family | Briar Chapel. Chapel Hill, North Carolina

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This little family lives right next door to me. You could not ask for better neighbors and they have turned into such good friends. They are often at our house, especially Joel, coming over on Sundays to watch a game. I love when I see them walking in and out, stopping and talking on our front porches, or in our backyards over the fence. Because they are friends, I brought one of my little girls for comic relief, to keep Evan smiling and happy. I think she did a great job being silly.

Jorda & Mindy: Family. Boone, NC

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I don't even know how many times I have photographed this family, a lot. But every time I do, it just keeps getting better. Maybe because they just get to be better and better friends, maybe because they have let me in more, or maybe it's just how much I love them, but I am so thrilled with these photos. Thank you so much for the perfect day, for the amazing view, for your friendship that means the world to me, and to Riley, for holding my hand.

Jen, Michael, Meghan: Family + Proposal. Briar Chapel. Chapel Hill, North Carolina

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I don't usually photograph teens, but I had to make an exception for this family. Jen and Meghan live down the block from us, and we've been friends since we first moved here. Anyways, I liked Jen right away and my girls love Meghan! I love that I get to see them often and we are getting to be better and better friends all the time.

Well, back in August at one of our block parties, Michael told me that he wanted to get a family session for Jen for her birthday. I thought that was such a sweet gift, especially because Jen hasn't had professional photos since Meghan was two. Later on, Michael told me that he wanted to propose to Jen at the family session. When I pulled on my ear, Meghan was to tell Michael, "Michael, if you were going to propose to my mom, now would be the time to do it?". When Jen heard her, she was kinda horrified that her daughter would say that, but then turned around to see Michael down on one knee. It was so incredible to have gotten to see my friend so beyond happy, so ecstatic, that this one will go down as one of my favorite shoots.

Here is the photo story of the session.

p.s. Isn't Jen gorgeous?

Jen, Isaac and Auden: Four months old | Chapel Hill, North Carolina

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Auden is so sweet and so fat and totally kissable. I love that I am getting to document the growth of this little girl's first year. Because of this, I feel I must tell you about all her milestones. She is almost sitting, she is so close. She threatened to roll over while I was there and I really hoped she would, just so I could get it on film. She has also eaten her first food (but only because she stole it from mommy) and she really enjoys tummy time. See you in a few months sweet girl, where I will kiss those fat cheeks several more times.