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"Rebecca was a fantastic photographer to work with from the beginning!  She is super prompt with all of her responses and never leaves you hanging when you email or call with questions. My husband and I were really impressed with how thoughtful all of her email responses were and she always went above and beyond when we had questions. She helped us feel comfortable and relaxed before and during the wedding and we never had to worry about photos. Our wedding ceremony and reception were outside and she did a great job capturing the vibe our day had. She also did a great job with low light photos at the reception. It was outside (we had string lights hanging) and our photos were still very sharp. She helped us get everyone together when we did portraits but certainly wasn't pushy.  She showed that she had a lot of experience and knew just how to group everyone together for portraits. We did a first look before the ceremony and I didn't even notice she was there taking pictures. She captured our expressions but let us have our moment together. Her price point worked out well for us and she explained everything in detail during our first meeting. Becci has a very warm personality and is so fun to be around! She offers an online viewing for photos and also gives a disc with photos so that you have full size files. Planning was easy with Becci's help- she gave us a questionnaire to fill out before the wedding that had questions about portraits and what kind of photos we wanted. Most importantly, she did a wonderful job photographing our wedding (and our day after session!) and we are really happy with how photos turned out. She captured our love perfectly.  Thank you for everything, Becci! You are an adventurous, artistic and talented photographer!"  

-Gabrielle Hardin

"I knew that when my husband and I decided on a photographer, it would be one of the most important decisions surrounding our wedding. This would be the person we'd spend the most time with on our wedding day (even more than each other), and we'd be trusting this person to capture our special moments and memories. Choosing Becci as our photographer was absolutely one of the best decisions we made in our planning process.

Upon view of her website, we knew that Becci's style was exactly what we were looking for--not overly posed, not too "out there" artsy, but somehow capturing the love, joy, and of fun of the moment in time.

Becci strikes a wonderful balance of being incredibly friendly and easy to get to know with being extremely professional and responsive. This is precisely what we wanted in a photographer--someone we'd feel comfortable around but who would be on top of everything. Our engagement session, included in our package, gave us the opportunity to spend time with Becci, which made having her shoot the big day even more comfortable and awesome.

Becci does an incredible job of being unobtrusive while getting the perfect shot. All throughout our wedding day, I was aware of her presence, but never felt like she was in the way or blocking anyone's view. Our guests commented that they felt this way, too.

And of course, the pictures themselves are breathtaking. She turned them around in well under a month from our wedding day, which was unexpected and very appreciated. In going through the photos, I was amazed how she truly captured the spirit of what was happening. Even though we have video footage from the day, Becci's pictures are what truly tell the story of our wedding.

I feel so blessed to have worked with her, and I can't wait until we have another occasion to ask her to be our photographer once again."

-Katey Zeh & Matt Todd

I am so happy I chose Becci as my photographer; she is absolutely wonderful! We did a "boudoir" shoot, about which I was a little nervous. But there was no need! Becci immediately made me feel comfortable with her warm, kind way. In no time, I was vamping around, feeling sexy and having fun. My husband thinks the photos are just perfect: artistic and beautiful. We could not be happier. Becci is very professional, yet accommodating and gracious. What a great experience!"  

- Antoinette

From the first time we emailed Rebecca, she was wonderful with communication. She responded promptly and thoroughly to every email and phone call. She was punctual and professional every step of the way. She provided great suggestions of other venders who were also incredibly professional and affordable. Rebecca happily went along with all of our requests and offered ideas without being pushy or overbearing.

On the day of our wedding, Rebecca was just as wonderful as she had been leading up to the day. She made us feel comfortable in front of the camera. During the ceremony and the reception she was able to capture incredible pictures without us ever feeling like she was in the least bit intrusive.

On top of being incredibly professional and taking tremendous photos, Rebecca is just a good person. She was genuinely interested in us and in our families. Going forward, any time we need professional photos, Rebecca will be the only call we make! She has our highest recommendation.

-Molly & Colin

The year leading up to our wedding wouldn't have been the same without Becci Ames. Not only is she a fantastic photographer, but she is a caring soul who is a pleasure to work with. From the moment we met her (very early on a cold December morning on the day of our engagement shoot) she was a friend. She set the tone for the year by showing us that wedding prep, taking pictures, and interacting with vendors could be a blast!

Equally important, she is a true professional. She is a great "director", who swiftly guided us and our (large) family through all the shots we wanted. This was ultimately a huge deal on the wedding day, where every second counts and you don't want to spend hours with photo chaos. This level of expertise was invaluable.

And lastly, the photos turned out beautifully. Whether its ordering individual prints or collecting our wedding albums, there seem to be an infinite number of great shots to choose from.

Thanks for being fantastic. We'll see you at the baby shower ;-)

-Rebekah & Ben

Rebecca is absolutely everything you want in a wedding photographer! She is amazingly prompt and responsive, and she makes you feel at ease and laid back while she is working so hard to capture all moments of the wedding process. In a time where highly edited unrealistic looking photos are trendy, Rebecca's photos are timeless and perfectly soft and gorgeous. Everyone who sees her work falls in love with it. There are so many wedding photographers out there and I am so thrilled I snagged her! She is so optimistic, complimentary, and bubbly and you cannot help but fall in love with her personality. She has a true appreciation for all forms of art, and her photography, her primary medium is exquisite. We are so thankful we had her and I couldn't imagine anyone else! Thank you Rebecca! We LOVE our wedding photos!

-Caroline & Jared


"We are so happy that we chose Becci to be our wedding photographer! As a photographer Becci is not only extremely professional, communicative, and prompt, but also so fantastically talented and kind! Becci took both our engagement and wedding photos and both sets, in two very different settings, turned out absolutely gorgeous! I never anticipated feeling as comfortable as I did having the initial, engagement photo session - Becci has such a fantastic, friendly personality! At the wedding, she caught images of friends and family that we absolutely loved - we never anticipated that our photographer could get almost every attendee in at least one picture, and she did! The images of my now husband and I did not look posed or constructed, they looked natural and we looked like ourselves! Even on top of that, Becci stayed for a significant amount of time longer than she was contracted, just to make sure that she had all of the perfect images (Thank you so much!)!  I've already recommended Becci to other friends getting married and I'll happily continue doing so! If you are a bride, please look no further - you can't do better! Thanks so much Becci!"   

-Katie Pepin

"The photos Becci shot of my daughter's wedding are amazing!  I just love them, especially the shots of individuals caught totally unaware they were being photographed.  She captured the most beautiful photos of the bride that we will always cherish.  Thank you Becci, for the attention to detail and your "feel" for the moment.  I highly recommend that brides look no further when selecting a photographer!"  

-Karen Pepin

"Becci was our photographer at the birth of our second son. I was a little leery of hiring a birth photographer because of the general nature of a birth, especially since I had a natural birth at a birthing center. I met with Becci and from the beginning loved her style of photography. Just beautiful. She is also EXTREMELY PROMPT with emails and phone calls and any requests. During my pregnancy, she genuinely wanted updates on how baby and I were doing. She actively listened to all my fears and thoughts for the pictures. I also dabble in photography, and she personally met with me one on one for an entire afternoon to help me better my photog skills. She also let me tag along with her on some shoots to learn from her talent and skills. Even on the day I ended up going into labor, she was planning on coming over with smoothies to hang out and chat more before the birth about any last concerns/thoughts/etc. and to simply help me feel more comfortable for the big day.

On the night of the birth of our son, I texted her (around 2 am) and she responded right back. She was there at the birthing center within minutes. Because I was only 3 cm dialated, she offered to go get us food, drinks, coffee, anything. She was so flexible and ended up napping in the waiting room for a couple of hours until labor picked up. Once things were in full swing, she was SO encouraging. She was helpful, sweet, and really lightened the air with her smile and sweet words. It just felt like a good friend was there quietly behind the scenes offering encouragement. She also stayed after to take pictures of our family meeting the baby for the first time as well. She wasn't rushed, she did her job as though it wasn't one. It is what she absolutely loves to do.

y husband and I both adore the photos. We couldn't even look at the first few without tearing up. (She was so on task, she posted three on facebook for our family to see before we even got home!) She captured beautiful moments we didn't even realize or see were there. She captured the beauty in the pain, the excitement in the unexpected, and the love of our family. She did it all SO tastefully and artistically. We plan to have her there again when we have more children. When we hired Becci I didn't just get a photographer, our family made a new friend. Book her. You will not regret it."  

-Jessica Hancock

"Becci shot our engagement photos as well as our wedding and we couldn't have been any happier with our experience! She made us feel very comfortable and the photos look so natural, which is saying a lot for me since I am not the most photogenic person. My husband and I can't believe how well Becci was able to capture "us." Besides being an obviously talented photographer, Becci is so personable, professional and just downright pleasant to be around. She fit in so well at our wedding that she might as well been one of our guests! I am so glad that we found Becci Ames!"    -Amanda Fitzgerald


"We heard about Becci from our birthing class instructor. My husband and I were interested in capturing the birth of our first child but were unsure what it would be like to have a stranger present for this very intimate moment. We had also been looking for a doula around the same time and never ended up feeling comfortable with any of the doula candidates we met with but felt so comfortable with Becci that

we decided to have her to be there for the birth...a decision we would make again in a heartbeat! I had worried ahead of time that having a photographer present would somehow distract from being fully present in the moment. Fortunately, this was not the case in the slightest...she was so not intrusive that after the birth I even wondered if she had been able to get any good shots. Fortunately, once we got the pictures back, we were amazed at how wonderfully she had captured the deep emotions of the experience. Her pictures were so good that I can hardly look at them without crying (with joy) because they bring me back to the magic of that day so quickly! It was truly a great gift she gave us by capturing so well this life changing day!

We also had Becci over when our son was 5 days old to do some newborn shots. She was so great to work with during both experiences. We hope to use her again to capture different stages of our sons life as he grows. Because of her warm personality as well as her wonderful talent as a photographer, I would whole-heartedly recommend her as a photographer for any significant life event you may want to capture."   -Laura Gallaher

"Rebecca was absolutely awesome! I can't thank her enough for everything that she did for me and how much it meant. She turned what could've been one of the worst times of my life into the best time of my life (thanks, Rebecca!). She responded quickly to my e-mails, had millions of ideas, and most of all, delivered wonderful pictures that will last a lifetime.

Thank you so, so much for what you did, you went out of your way to do something you truly didn't have to!"   -Alyssa Miller


"Ted, my husband and I are for ever grateful for Rebecca!  We searched for a photographer on the web, and when we came upon Rebecca's work we knew she was the photographer for us.   Through her work you can tell she captures the perfect moments and tells a story.  That is exactly what we wanted for our wedding, since the day flies by so quickly, really all that is left are the photographs.  Our photographs, are perfect, they will be loved and shared by our families now and I know the family Ted and I create will cherish these in the future.  We absolutely cannot thank Rebecca enough.  When we first met Rebecca during our engagement session, she made us feel so comfortable, and the engagement photos were stunning.  Rebecca is truly talented and has an eye for the most beautiful moments in people's lives.  We hope that Rebecca will one day do us the honor of photographing our children and special events.  Thank you, thank you, thank you Rebecca, we seriously can't thank you enough!"   

-Delys Ayers

"What else can I add to all the nice (and true) things that have been said about Becci's work? Becci is not only an amazing photographer, she is a beautiful lady and it's great to work with her. She is just sweet, and all that sweetness and professionalism, allows her to capture amazing images and make you look beautiful! Becci is the best photographer I know, hands down. I highly recommend having Becci as your photographer, not only for weddings but also for any special occasion you want to have beautiful pictures from. Our wedding was in Maryland, and she traveled from North Carolina to be with us! She arrived early (which was nice), and hired a new second photographer when the one she had booked got a family emergency. I never worried for a second, she handled everything and that is priceless!"

Chris & Lissete


"I met with Becci for the first time at this delectable little bakery in Durham, NC.  Guglhupf, it was called, and it was her recommendation -- a happening spot with a tasty latte, I might add.  She was upstairs with a couple of albums, her iPad, and a vintage film camera on the table (awesome!).  She was cool, laid back, and so super sweet!  I left our meeting so very excited to brainstorm some engagement shoot ideas...

My husband, Matt, and I chose Shakori Hills Grassroots Festival as our first engagement shoot locale because we go each year and it is so colorful, fun, and lively.  Becci seemed as excited as we were about it; when we met out at the Silk Hope farm on the first day of the festival, I realized she's got a little bit of hippie in her too!  (Becci, you still have to bring your family one of these times and come dance with us!)  She "got" it and had the same wonder in her eyes as I do every time I go out there.  And as nervous as Matt + I were to be posing for pictures (with an audience, nonetheless... and some paparazzi friends!), she made us feel so comfortable.  She gave us just enough direction to know what to do, but to still wind up with relaxed and realistic photos.  She captured moments, not poses.  Her artistic eye really came through in the photos and we were so super excited to see them!  They were even featured on another blog too (Borrowed & Bleu)!

Well, Becci didn't stop there... because we initially had an idea to do a few architectural shots too (that's what Matt does), she scooted downtown to snap some photos with us in Raleigh.  And I thought the first batch couldn't be beat!  Our second shoot was outstanding as well... fun , urban, city shots.  They were gorgeous thanks to her!  Again, she made us feel so comfortable in front of the camera and it really shows in the photographs.  We drove around town together, chatting about Phish, museums, and other cool things.  Becci kinda just slid into friend status... so maybe she is our photographer, but it's never seemed like she is <i>just</i> our photographer, you know.

I should add that on top of just having a brilliant eye, Becci is prompt with her responses and her editing.  She always seems so happy to hear from me and has always been just the sweetest.  She was so artsy in suggesting shots/locations, but more importantly, she listened to what we wanted and took the ideas we had and turned them into phenomenal moments caught on film.  I cannot imagine being happier with our photos... thank you soooo much, Becci, for everything!  

Well, then comes our wedding -- quicker it came than I could've imagined.  Becci was there early, ready to go, even before I was actually!  She hung out with us girls as we got ready and she lined everything up for Matt + I's first look before the other festivities.  She rallied our rambunctious wedding party for some fantastic photos and she got so many candid shots as well -- all of them with so much emotion and excitement.  We've just received our wedding photos and WOW!  There are so many beautiful pictures... we just keep getting more and more compliments!  And I keep giving Becci more and more compliments!  Haha... I've already named her our forever photographer!" 

-Kristin Austin

"My mother in law chose Becci as our photographer for our wedding and boy am I glad she did!  I wasn't the typical bride in the sense that I had no idea what I was doing for my wedding other than showing up and taking the vows.  Becci did a wonderful job at directing me for photos.  I felt that I was so busy that day that I barely even had time for photos.  I probably gave Becci a dedicated 30 minutes of my time for photos spread out during my wedding and I was surprised to see how many beautiful photos there were of me from just that small amount of time.  No problem though, because even though I did not spend as much time with Becci as I would have liked, she was proactive in rounding up everyone and everything to capture the beautiful memories of my wedding.  Becci took it upon herself to get the shot and I am so grateful that she did!  Now that I have the proofs (which only took a week and a half to receive!!!) I see that Becci made me beautiful!  Her direction and skill made for some of the best photos I have ever been in!  Thank you Becci for being a part of our special day and for making this day memorable for us!"  

-Jennifer McGraw

"So I told you that I got the book in the mail, but not that I gave it to him...and oh man, Becci. He absolutely LOVES it. I couldn't wait any longer to give it to him in a "special" way, so as soon as he got home from being out of town (late Thursday night), I told him I had a gift for him. We sat down on the bed and I just presented it to him. He opened it, said, "Oh man..." and looked through it literally 5 times, absolutely speechless.

I finally said, "Do you like it?" and he looked at me and told me it was the absolute BEST present that anyone had ever given him, and that he loved it, not only for the obvious reasons (ha), but because he couldn't believe that I took the time to do it just for him. He said he was deeply touched.

I can't believe I was ever hesitant to invest in doing the shoot. It was so special, and so much more of an experience than I thought it would be. I have never felt more beautiful, more womanly, and it was so much FUN! I know both of us will cherish the pictures forever. In fact, he said (I quote), "You should do MORE of these!"

Thank you, thank you, thank you again!"   


"Karl and I were absolutely thrilled after our engagement session.  Rebecca was great to work with, very fun, and an excellent photographer.  Our pictures are absolutely beautiful and all of Rebecca's suggestions turned out great!  We really appreciated the candid shots that looked unposed and natural.  We had a great time and can't wait to frame some of the pictures for our house.  We can't wait to see our wedding photos!"  

-Maegan Zarley

"I met Becci a couple of years ago, when she did a boudoir shoot for a friend of mine. I was so excited about the work she did, that I did a full shoot of my own on the same day, totally unplanned! My boyfriend was deployed at the time, and Becci did a great job of meeting with me to put together an amazing album to send off to Afghanistan right away.

Since then, I have recommended her to everyone I know. A friend of mine had Becci fly out to Colorado to shoot her wedding in August, she also had boudoir and engagement photos done with her before then. Their photos were stunning!

My fiance and I were thrilled when she agreed to come back to Colorado for our wedding in November! She helped everyone feel at ease, and did a great job handling the potentially awkward issue of photographing my divorced family.

We hope that we will be close to Becci when we move into the next plase in life and have children. I can't imagine anyone else taking baby or family photos for us.

It probably sounds like I'm just rambling on about a friend of mine, but the truth is she has become one. When you invite someone to share such important life moments, it just seems natural!"   

-Kayla Bach

"I have worked with Becci twice now, once for a boudoir session, and once for a family session.  Both times have been so amazing, and given us such wonderful memories that I wanted to share.  This past year was a big year for our family, and I wanted a set of pictures that would show our loved ones who we were.  I hate HATE big box picture shops, because everyone has the same three backgrounds and the same tired poses.  I didn't want to pose my family, I wanted pictures that revolved around us and what we liked.  We got that with Becci.  We chose our location and she spent time just following us around, directing us when we needed it, watching us interact, and snapping pictures in the background.  The result was pictures that captured sweet moments between all of us that you never would have seen otherwise.  Becci always manages to capture the emotion and the true sense of our family.  She captured the essence of my youngest son's big personality and the loving magic that lives in my oldest.  My first session with Becci was actually my boudoir session, a terrifying thought for most of us ladies!  My boudoir session was relaxing, fun and reintroduced me to myself after a few years of just being 'Mom.'  I now have a set of pictures that show my sexy side, and captures the beauty of just being female.  For both of our sessions, Becci took the time to get to know me and my family so that she could give us the type of pictures that really reflected who we are and where we're going.  It was tough to lose my friend when she moved, but now the east coast gets to experience the world through Becci's artistic eye."  

-Alicia Guardado

"I was excited to find out that I was the winner of a free session with Rebecca.  I was looking forward to finally getting a new family photo taken. My daughter just turned one and my son was six and we didn't have a family photo yet.  My partner never likes his picture taken (I when I say never I mean I have very few pictures of him) and when I told him that we would be walking down my the river and just hanging out with the kids and Rebecca would do her magic he finally agreed.  Rebecca was welcoming and exciting to be working with us and made the kids feel important and relaxed.  We were able to view are photos on line in a timely manner and was blown away by the finally product.  I was overly excited and showed everyone to come to visit.  We placed our family order and a month later purchased more for Christmas gifts and six months later we decided to get a book of our favorites.  I have never been more pleased with a photographer and the photos and was sad to hear that she was moving.  I often find myself returning to her website to take a peek at her latest work and as always impressed and excited that she is able to spread her talent to other corners of the country.  Thank you again Rebecca."  

-Wendy Pischer

"My husband and I chose Rebecca to shoot our baby's newborn photos because we liked her style so much, the natural light she uses, and photojournalistic style. She did not disappoint! We were thrilled with the images - exactly what we wanted. She was very friendly and great with our other 2 kids as well (ages 2 and 3). Rebecca gave us everything on time: images, ordered photos, etc. We also loved the baby announcements she created for us. All our friends and family raved over them and they will be a special treasure for us and our daughter always. I whole-heartedly recommend Rebecca."  

-Allison Wallin

"I have always been very afraid to have my picture taken.  I don't feel very photogenic and my teeth are no straight.  It has been a personal hurtful thing that i have dealt with most of my life.  But with having a family, I really wanted to have images of us.  Rebecca came out and took a look at our home and yard and what we had chosen to wear and sat down with all of my kids and got them engaged in one another.  Just happily playing and at some point they forgot that she was out there taking photos and what Rebecca captured was amazing.   When it came time for her to shoot me, she was very sensitive to my concerns about being on film.  She did not pose me, but what she captured, was delightful to me because it helped me to see myself when I didn't want to see myself on film, ever.

I thank Rebecca for that experience and for so many fun shots...we still talk about those photos today....especially the one with all my girls in the tree in our old back yard.  What a cool memory to have captured!

I will always recommend Rebecca Ames Photography!"  

-Rhonda Richmond

"I hired Rebecca to do our family portraits while she was back in Colorado to shoot a wedding. She arrived to our home late, and then had us change the outfits we had already chosen. No big deal. However once we arrived to the scene I became rather irritated as she seemed quite scattered, and didn't give us much direction as previous photographers have. I trusted her abilities to capture our families connection, however after our photos were available to view on her site, we were completely dissatisfied with the images. The connection our family shares was missing, several of the photos were blurry (which I would not expect from a professional) and the angles in which we were shot were...unflattering to say the least. When contacted, I was told that she "doesn't do refunds", or re-shoots. So we are basically out money for a session we weren't happy with, and that was that. Upon further communication, I was treated as though the session was a major inconvenience to Rebecca. I feel that we were used as a way to make a "quick buck", without regard to quality, and nothing is being done to rectify the situation. A poor product is one thing, but poor customer service is an entirely different ball game, and both have been present in my experience with Rebecca Ames Photography. I will not be recommending her service to anybody in the future."  

-Unhappy Customer

(from me) "You know, I disagree with most of this. I loved these photos, I wasn't late (in fact I'd say early because I was waiting outside their home so that it didn't show), and quite honestly, sometimes I love an out of focus image when it shows some lovely heartfelt emotion.

Yes, I did request a clothing change. I didn't think that a small floral print dress, a pin striped shirt, a flannel shirt, and another larger floral print shirt with a mesh thing over it would go well together. I thought they grey shirt that she changed into was much more flattering and the lack of busy-ness brought the focus to their beautiful faces and not their clothes. No, I do not offer refunds. That is because anyone can request a session, say they don't like the images then print from the images on the blog. Clients pay for my time. I don't force anyone into a print package. Yes, I do offer re-shoots! I've done a few over the years. But after all the experiences that I had with this client shmearing me on photog forums, I didn't feel like I could. And having several of those photographers reading her posts, telling me what this person was saying, I just couldn't. So, I'm gonna let me readers read this. I know I could just delete this comment, but as this is a public forum, and I do want real comments, I am going to leave it and let people decide for themselves.  

-Rebecca Ames

"In response to "Unhappy Customer" -- I can attest that Rebecca DOES indeed do re-shoots when necessary for her clients.  We scheduled a shoot one lovely summer day, got everything going on time, were on location -- and the kiddos just WERE NOT HAVING IT.  They were whiny, crying and refusing pictures.  We were able to get two or three nice ones, but none that were wall- and Christmas card-worthy.  Rebecca was more than happy to re-schedule another session for us a week later which produced over 100 beautiful images."   

-Skye Marsh

"In respond to the unhappy customer's review I have to say that I like your photos!! They are very nice and I think they depict Becci's style and aren't outrageously different from all of her other shoots. Maybe her style was just not to your liking but I have to say I love Becci and her photography abilities. Over the course of about a year I did 3 shoots with Becci. An engagement, boudoir, and finally our wedding. Those are all very important days that need to be perfectly capured bs I Wouk trust no one but Rebecca for the job. She was always on time I not early, extremely professional, but above all that she made us feel important! While Becci was shooting she felt much more like a friend than a hired profesional, and this is exactly what my husband and I were after. We had over 200 people at our wedding and everyone who has viewed the photos absolutely adores them. Another way that Rebecca displayed her wonderful character and devotion to he clients is by flying back for our wedding. We had met her before she moved from CO to NC and yes we had to pay travel fees but Becci kept it all as reasonable as possible and there were no extra charges beyond that. Our best friends are also having Rebecca fly back to CO for their wedding in Nov. And I know they are pleased with her so far. All I can say is that Rebecca Ames photography will have our future business and that shes wonderful!!!"  

-Jenna Schroeder

I know I can't "disagree" with Unhappy Customer's opinion (because it is, after all, her opinion), but I have a hard time believing her description of her experience with Becci is entirely accurate, as my multiple experiences with Becci have been better than I could have hoped for!

After much research (which, by the way, you should do with ANY photographer, to make sure that you like their work before booking them), I came across Becci and fell in love with her style. It is exactly what we were looking for for our wedding - candid, yet artistic, flattering, but not posed, and most of all, very high quality. She really has an eye and a talent for catching raw emotion at just the right time.

From the get-go, Becci was by far the easiest of our vendors to work with. She replies to emails and phone calls immediately, and is down-to-earth, professional, flexible, and easy to talk to. We had a great time doing our engagement photo session with her, as she gave us much need gentle direction - which I am SO grateful for, because we did not want all of the pictures to be posed, super-stiff smiling pictures - and the option to change into a few different outfits for some variety. At our wedding, Becci was everywhere she needed to be, without being in the way. In fact, we hardly remember noticing her at all! She blended in wonderfully, and captured moments that we weren't even aware of throughout the night.

Lastly, she was right on time, every time I've worked with her.  You won't find another photographer at these prices that will give you such quality photos and service. I know I will be recommending Becci to others and using her in the future.

Thank you Becci!"  

-Anna Edney

"Choosing Rebecca as our wedding photographer was definitely the best choice we made throughout our wedding planning.  She was recommended to us by another friend, and everything that we heard was true! Becci is a fabulous photographer with a great eye for photos and she can make you feel so at ease while posing.  We also wanted a wedding photographer who shot more than just poses and that is exactly what Becci did for us.  She captured some of the priceless candid moments and those are our favorite images.  We were nervous for our engagement session but Becci made us feel comfortable and at ease so that we could take some amazing photos. More than anything we felt that Rebecca really was a part of our wedding and we wanted her to enjoy herself as much as our guests! She even flew back from NC after she moved to shoot our wedding here in Colorado. Overall, you can't go wrong when choosing Rebecca Ames Photography!!"   -Jenna and Mike Schroeder

"Rebecca was wonderful to work with!  She took the time to get to know us before our photo session began and put our daughter to ease while taking our pictures.  She was very patient and understanding when our little girl was having a rough day.  We got our pictures back within days of the photo shoot.  Rebecca has such a soft gentle way about her and she was a pleasure to work with."-   

Shannon Ng

"Rebecca did an excellent job taking pictures at our wedding on April 13, 2013. She got the great shots while being very unobtrusive at the same time. We couldn't be happier!".-  

Aubrey Gordon

“Rebecca has such a natural sense for “the moment”. This is a necessary quality in the best wedding photographers and it cannot be learned- she is a natural! Rebecca is a joy to work with; she is always positive and makes her subjects feel very comfortable. Her skill and her personality make her one of the best photographers I have ever worked with, I would hire her again without hesitation.”

Jessica Feezel

“I do believe that everyone in this world has a special talent, and most people spend their entire lives trying to discover what that amazing talent is. Rebecca is so lucky to have found hers so young, because this is clearly what she was meant to do with her life. Rebecca is an amazing photographer and we are so lucky to have found her. “

Chris Mcleod

“We consider ourselves so fortunate that Rebecca agreed to be the photographer for our wedding.  As someone who is usually camera-shy, I was astounded at how amazing our engagement session photos turned out, and actually looked forward to seeing how the wedding photos would turn out.  And of course they were amazing also.  Rebecca understood that we were less concerned with posed portraits than with capturing the joy of the day spent with family and friends, and she captured so many perfect moments.  This was easily the best investment of the day.  (She's a blast to work with, too.)”

Ivy Mcleod

“The pictures that Rebecca took of my baby girl were absolutely breathtaking. It literally took her ten minutes to take the most beautiful pictures that I have ever seen. Rebecca has a way of seeing the beauty in all things and captures the very essence of it with her camera. I feel privileged that I am able to share that vision through her photography. I will definitely have Rebecca take all of my family pictures from now on. “
Tiffany and Jelani Trawick

“I absolutely loved the way Rebecca let us be our selves in our engagement session. There was no posing. No fake smiles. Everything was in the moment and real. I don't think anyone else could have captured the essence of our engagement quite like Rebecca did. We couldn't have been happier with our photos, and we get compliments daily and how great they turned out. If we ever need professional pictures again we will 100% be asking Rebecca. Thank you so much for your insight and great personality!”

Billie Huber & Michael Buhnerkempe

“Choosing Rebecca Ames Photography for my wedding was one of the best decisions I made. She seemed to be everywhere the action was the entire day. She wasn’t shy about getting the wedding party together in fun spots for portraits, even getting everyone attending the wedding together for one big group shot (150 guests!). I appreciated her desire to get the photographs that we wanted, then going the extra mile to get the ones that we didn’t even know we would love. This was the best day of my life, and I am so glad that Rebecca was the one to document the love and laughter with her beautiful photography.”

Monica and Chris Durant

Rebecca did a fantastic job at our wedding. She was able to capture so many beautiful moments. She also went way above and beyond by visiting sites ahead of time and meeting with our church staff to ensure that she was following their protocol. We have lots of friends who say they regret not having a good photographer at their wedding, and that is a regret we will NOT have! The pictures are beautiful and now we can look back and remember all those wonderful moments we may have forgotten about otherwise. I am so happy we out it right and found her.”

Alison and Austin Driscoll

“I cannot believe how pleased we are with the "Rebecca Ames Photo Experience!" She is awesome at what she does from start to finish. We are a family of five; two under the age of two. Everyone had a great time during the family session, even the ones that hate being photographed. The pictures really captured the essence of our family and look oh so good. Thank you!”

Heather and Ben Burkley

“Working with Rebecca by far was the best experience I’ve had with a photographer, she had great communication, great ideas, showed up early, and was super friendly! I got my photos in less then a week, and was happy with the way every single one came out. I couldn’t believe how professional and ready she was for my big day! Even after a couple of hours of shooting, when I was exhausted, she still worked with me and never stopped coming up with better and better ideas! I highly recommend her, and am excited to shoot with her again and again!

(I really don't think this paragraph does you justice! You are a fantastic photographer and a great person!)”

Vanessa and Matt Gruenstein

“I recommend Rebecca Ames Photography to anyone looking for a top-notch and affordable wedding photographer. Becci shot my wedding last year and the pictures came out perfectly. Really? Five out of five stars perfectly? Yes. Here is why:

Quality of service: The variety and quality of pictures is unbelievable for the time we had her on site. I am not sure how she shot so many great pictures in the time allotted, but she's definitely got a feel for the moment and will maximize return on investment within the window of service. People think you need to pay an arm and a leg to get "real" quality wedding photos, but that is baloney. We checked out a long list of photographers and no one could come close in price or quality of work. She is the best deal.

Responsiveness: Becci was very good about keeping in touch beforehand and we were never in doubt she would be prompt and respectful of our time constraints. Afterward, she went above and beyond in helping us organize our pictures (there were SO many) and get them into the formats we wanted, etc.

Professionalism: Becci was able to maintain a light mood while keeping the time management ticking like a metronome. We had an ambitious slate of post-ceremony photo combinations (big families) and she got through them with ease and humor. Five stars, if nothing else, for being able to corral our crazy families.

Value: As I mentioned above, we simply could not find a better deal. We looked. A lot. No way.

Flexibility: Becci let the wife and me rattle off ideas for post-ceremony photos on the spot and was happy to do what we wanted, but she also provided countless great ideas of her own on how to capture the beauty and versatility of the outdoor wedding site. Before the ceremony she got tons of GREAT shots of the bride getting ready, but I cannot stress enough how natural and subtle of an approach she took here, just kind of behind the scenes. And at the reception she really did a great job managing the scope of our party, getting awesome shots of friends and family (and us!) despite the large number of guests.

Again, you certainly won't find a better wedding photographer for the price, and will probably have a hard time finding one period.”

Eric Feezell

Becci has taken so many photos of my family and myself and I have LOVED every session!  We began our professional relationship almost three years ago when I was pregnant with my third daughter.  Becci took family photos in City Park and they were just fabulous.  Up to that point, I'd only used big box retail photographers and was always upset at how washed out my beautiful daughters ended up in the photos, and I hated that the girls hated the experience and ended it crying most times.  With Becci there is no, "sit here, now sit here, cross your legs this way, NO, THIS way!"  She follows and captures moments as they happen!  So much better!  Becci does also take "posed" photos, but even these look completely natural. 

We loved that first session so much, we had another with all three girls in City Park the next summer.  Becci then came to my home and took one year photos of the daughter I'd been pregnant with the first time!  It has been fun having the same family photographer the last few years, as she now knows our family, and we know her beautiful family.  It has made both the pictures and the sessions better as a result.

Most recently, Becci and I did a boudoir session at the Armstrong Hotel for my partners birthday.  As any woman could guess, this is not necessarily the most comfortable thing to do!  Becci's professionalism coupled with her enjoyable personality made the session so easy - and produced AMAZING pictures!  I have done a boudoir before with a male photographer, which wasn't bad persay, but not nearly as enjoyable as the one I did with Becci.  Every woman should do this at least once in her life, and not just for a significant other, but for yourself!

Skye Marsh

I recently did a boudoir shoot with Becci and had an amazing and liberating experience. People say a picture is worth a thousand words. After seeing the photos Becci took, no words came to mind, I was actually speechless! I had never even considered boudoir photos before, then I met Becci, who made me feel instantly comfortable about the idea. I am so thankful to her for helping me capture and document a moment in time, that I will always remember.

   Becci has an amazing and calming energy about her that is infectious and makes the photo session so much fun. Becci's creative eye caught things I couldn't have even imagined for myself. She directed and guided me through the whole photo shoot, while making me feel comfortable the whole time. Throughout my shoot, I felt like Becci was able to capture the essence of who I am and exactly what I wanted. The end result was an amazing set of fierce photos that my husband loved! They were super sexy, tasteful, and they exceeded my expectations. This was more than a photo shoot for me, it was an empowering journey that I feel every woman should experience at least once in her life time.

   You will not be disappointed because the amazing photographs that Becci captures of you will leave you feeling beautiful, confident, and ready for more! I highly recommend Becci to everyone of all ages and for any occasion. She also offers many different sessions ranging from families, engagements, weddings, and of course boudoir. You'll love her energy, passion, and creative work. Make the call, you won't regret it.

Leeann Lucero