Wedding Add-ons

Wedding Add-ons

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Add an hour of coverage:   This is where you can add an hour, or two, or three, with Rebecca, if you didn't in the original contract, but realize you should have. That's fine, who could have realized that 20 months ago? Just click how many extra hours you want as the quantity, and it's an easy add for your wedding.

Add a second photographer: This is where you can add six hours of coverage with a second photographer, if you didn't in the original contract.

Rush the editing!!!!: Is eight weeks too long to wait for your edited photos on your thumb drive? I get it, I'm impatient too, waiting till Christmas morning gets me crazy. I can get it to you in two weeks, but there's a rush fee.

Thumb drives for your parents: Yeah, sometimes parents want all the photos too. This is where you can send them to get them their own copy. These are only for parents though, because they deserve a discount for making you. This also comes with a print release, so they can print them all and show all their friends pictures of their beautiful kids, but tell them not to use Target, Walgreens or Snapfish, because they'll look gross. Ew.

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